The Jaipur Retreat – 21 days and 250 hours

Yoga Teacher Training in Jaipur

  •  20 days with instruction

Join Sri Joydip in this 250-hour yoga teacher training course where you will go deeper into the understanding of Surya yoga, Surya asanas and Surya pranayama. Through this teacher training course, you will also take part in in the World Yoga Festival and yoga pilgrimage. Upon completingthis course, you will be become a trained Surya yoga therapist capable of working in private or group settings.


  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Complete course curriculum and pedagogy
  • Free eBook and one-on-one personal mentoring session
  • Group and personal mentoring sessions
  • Surya yoga teaching guidelines
  • 20 nights accommodation


  •  General


  • Instruction language: English
  •  Spoken languages: English

Please book your flight to arrive at Jaipur International Airport (JAI).


During this training, you will be accommodated at the Moustache Hostel. Moustache Hostel uses vibrant graphics, eye-catching mirror work, dashing colors and rustic furniture as inspired by Rajasthan’s eccentric culture.

Moustache has various accommodations such as private rooms, mixed dormitories and all-female A/C dormitories with every necessary amenity that you can think of.

Sri Joydip Ashram Yoga Teachers Training Program in India

Course skill development

Learn about diseases and dysfunction from a Western model and from a Surya yoga model

Integrate the tools of Surya yoga, including Surya asana, Surya pranayama, Surya mantras and meditation into the treatment of musculoskeletal, medical and psychological conditions

Become a trained Surya yoga therapist capable of working in private or group settings

Learn to evaluate a persons musculoskeletal and psychological condition and apply Surya yoga techniques as treatments for a variety of medical conditions

Develop care plans based on evaluations

Course duration

The total training time for this Surya yoga teachers training fast track program is 21 days. The program covers 5 courses, from the basics of Surya yoga to advanced Surya yoga, including Surya yoga teaching and therapeutic aspects. This is an emersion program during which you will go deep in understanding Surya yoga, Surya asanas and Surya pranayama.

Course pedagogy

  • Surya meditation, Surya asanas, Surya pranayamas
  • Learning to conduct clinical studies
  • Yoga sutras chanting – the most authentic scriptures revered worldwide
  • Discussion on yoga sutras
  • Assignments on different aspects of yoga sutras and their clinical application
  • Online / offline group discussion about different aspects of yoga sutras and their clinical application
  • Surya yoga teaching guidelines
  • Module test on Surya yoga and its clinical application and therapeutic aspect
  • Project work

Course 1: Surya yoga basics

  • Teaching Surya dhanya or Surya meditation
  • Advanced Surya pranayama
  • Understanding yoga sutras related to Surya yoga
  • Functional anatomy and therapeutic yoga

Course 2: Surya yoga therapy (musculoskeletal assessment)

The prerequisite for this course is functional anatomy and therapeutic yoga.

This course will deepen your understanding and knowledge of the function and location of muscles and joints. You will learn evaluation techniques for the strength and the length of each muscle and joint. This evaluation will be taught in two ways. First, you will learn to evaluate each part separately. Then you will learn a more functional, integrated approach to evaluation. Through learning to “read” the students body, you will learn the tools to find imbalances as you watch their ability to move through asana practice. This ability to “read” will give you a more functional understanding of what is going on in the body of your students and how certain imbalances may lead to pain and dysfunction. The development of a personalized plan of care and personalized asana practice for your students based on this evaluation will be taught. After this course, you will be able to help students with musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and tendonitis by finding their imbalances. You will also be able to help them find suitable yoga practices to restore balance as well as modify asanas as needed.

Course 3: Surya yoga therapy (integrating medical knowledge and intuitive healing)

This program is designed to integrate medical knowledge with traditional yoga practices of asana, pranayama and meditation. Common medical conditions including neurological, endocrine, cardiovascular, pulmonary, autoimmune, inflammatory, cancer, and gastrointestinal will be discussed. The physiology behind the condition as well as common treatments and the application of yoga practices to the disease will be discussed. Current research on yoga for these conditions will be presented. The relationship of the mind to the healing process will be explored. There will be an opportunity for students to inquire about any medical topics of interest.

Course 4: Surya yoga therapy (the yoga way to emotional wellbeing)

This course will give a concentrated overview of psychology and the human condition from the ancient yogic perspective. You will review yogic concepts related to understanding the mind, including kosas, kleshas, samskaras, gunas. You will explore how these concepts fit into the modern psychological models of the mind and how they may be useful in understanding and treating dysfunctions. You will learn yoga therapy methods for managing or assisting in healing psychological difficulties, including depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress responses.

Course 5: Surya yoga therapy (functional integration)

This is the last class of the program. Using all of the information from the five courses, you will have the opportunity to work with case studies. You will practice evaluation techniques from the medical, musculoskeletal and psychology modules. You will then develop an assessment and care plan using what you have learned in the meditation, pranayama and Patanjali yoga sutra courses. This will be an experiential course focused on bringing all of the information together and will include a competency check-off to ensure that you have developed these skills.

Course steps

This course is a two-step process. Step one will require you to submit a research paper on a topic of interest in the field of yoga therapy. Step two will require 2 client evaluations with 2 follow-up visits for these clients. This can be done in your hometown. A write-up of these cases will be submitted and a phone meeting will be scheduled to discuss the paper and case studies.


Sri Joydip Ashram ensures the highest quality and authenticity of the courses and spiritual training program. Sri Joydip Ashram is a registered education trust on yoga and spiritual education and also a participant of the United Nations Global Compact Program for using yoga as a tool for human development.

Preparatory programs

Jnana (wisdom or knowledge) yoga requires great strength of will and intellect, and thus it is considered the most difficult of the four main paths of Yoga, which are hatha, karma, bhakti and Jyana.

In view of the above, once you book the course with Sri Joydip Ashram, the team offers you a preparatory program, with the aim of making the whole process less difficult and more enjoyable for you. However, you should be aware that the effects of the Jnana yoga, where the mind is used to inquire into its own nature and to transcend the mind’s identification with its thoughts and ego, are quite phenomenal and permanent, as it transforms the life and liberates one from bad tendencies of life.

Experience visualization

Sri Joydip visualizes to give an experience of Hatha yoga and Surya yoga and their use in medicine. This is an extensive retreat for people who want to know about the body and its wellbeing. This is an ideal wellness retreat focussed on the wellbeing of the body and provides semi luxury and very energetic settings.


  • Sri Joydip

    Sri Joydip is an international yoga teacher who taught yoga in international bodies like US Consulate, Indian Council of Cultural Relations, and corporate bodies like Birla and Eta Maelco. He gains his education in yoga and psychology from Sri Aurobindo Centre for advanced research, creative writing from British Council, management from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata and Reiki healing from Reiki Kendra, Mindfulness, and peak performance from Monash University. He has 30 years experience of yoga practice and 14 years experience of yoga teaching.

This teacher training course will take place in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


  • Centrally located on MI road, at the heart of the city; short walk from both the railway station and the bus terminal – 10 minutes
  • Ganpati Plaza – 2 minutes
  • Jaipur International Airport (JAI), 5.5 kilometers



  • Hiking

  • Yoga deck

  • Tour assistance


Meals are not included in the package but it can be ordered from their menu. Food price is ranging from 15-300 INR.

Sample Menu

  • Breakfast (Indian Breakfast)
  • Beverages (Coffee, Mocktails, Shakes, Aereated Waters)
  • Appetizers
  • Sandwiches
  • Barbeque
  • Chinese Selection
  • Salad, Maggi, Pasta, Soup
  • Western Mains
  • Indian Mains
  • Indian Breads
  • Rice Specials,
  • Moustache Specials
  • Desserts

The restaurant is at the roof top of the building where you will be staying.

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)

(If you have special dietary requirements it’s a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)

During the teacher training program, you will enjoy:

  • Chai Class
  • Food tour
  • Hiking and Slum visit
  • Movie Night
  • Night tour
  • Pink City Walking tour
  • The Village Tour.
  • Yoga in the Park

    What’s Included

  • 20 nights accommodation
  • 21 minutes free group session on Surya yoga mindfulness meditation where you get a chance to practice Surya Dhyana
  • 21 minutes personal mentoring session with Sri Joydip where you can discuss about particular problems you are facing in your personal or business life
  • Complete 5-step course curriculum and pedagogy
  • Course tuition
  • Daily guided meditation sessions
  • Daily yoga practices
  • Free Living Well e-book in which you will understand how to practice wellness principles that can transform your life
  • Surya yoga therapist certification
  • Unique Surya yoga teaching guidelines
  • Additional activities
  • Airfare
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses

    Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 60% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.