Lifewise Corporate Program

Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program


  •  Monthly 24 hours program ( 2 hours a day , 3 days a week for 1 month) [ Non – Residential ]

You will be guided to explore the  Surya yoga and seven yoga habits , how it can help you on managing work-stress and lead a happy and stress free work life.

Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program ,  not only heals the body from diseases, but also helps you receive wellness, happiness, and well-being, by creating a completely new condition and consciousness to balance your work and life.


  • Surya  yoga practice
  • Special sessions on Work Stress Management
  • Mindfulness meditation and relaxation practices
  • Creating happy and stress free work life
  • Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program reduces all top professional stressors which creates Counter productive work behaviour. This professional stressors are   disrespect at the workplace, lack of work-life balance, inability to process constructive feedback from manager, lack of support from manager and when opinion is not considered (participation) .
  • Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program reduces all top personal stressors: Inability to manage personal and professional responsibilities and interference of personal relationships at work.

Skill level

  • Basic

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 30 and minimum is 5.


  • Lifewise Corporate Yoga


  • Instruction language: English
  •  Spoken languages: English


This is an basic course that will really sharpen your mind for a more detailed knowledge of yoga. Upon completion, you will be able to receive a certificate issued by Sri Joydip Ashram.

This 24-hour yoga  training will take you to the essence of workstress and how it impacts your work life and creates man different diseases.

  • Stress caused either due to professional or personal challenges has an impact on both the Return on Investment – ROI (quantifiable) as well as Value on Investment– VOI (qualitative)
    of an organization
  • Return on Investment perspective
  • The total organizational productivity loss per year approximately adds upto INR 49.67 Cr, 105.48 Cr and 10.5 Cr across IT/ITES, Finance / Banking and Travel & Hospitality sectors respectively making it a serious contender for organizational investments towards holistic health and wellness of employees particularly with a focus on minimizing stress levels
  • Value on Investment perspective
  • Lack of clarity of goals, inability to manage personal and professional responsibilities, lack of flexibility and overtime result in low work engagement, high levels of fatigue as well as increased absenteeism , undesirable behaviour and culture of negativity at workplace

Experience visualization


This is a basic program to reduce work stress by using ancient yoga techniques and practices which are taught as Lifewise Yoga .

Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program is taught by Lifewise Licenced trainer who have gone through Lifewise Teachers Training Program from Sri Joydip .


Sri Joydip is a Prolific, Bilingual Indian Writer in English and Bengali, who writes on a vast canvas of Universal, Existential, and spiritual themes having deep roots in Indian Ancient Culture and tradition. He also writes on contemporary themes related to social issues, managerial issues, and health and wellness issues. His writing conveys the diversity of human experience in multiple genres starting from poetry, non-fiction related to Yoga and lifestyle, travel, fiction related to rom-com, political thrillers, and biopics. Two of his works have been extremely popular – ‘Stories from Arunachala Diaries” and “Seven Yoga habits that can transform your life” and nominated for Amazon Prime Reading for the last two years consecutively. Some of his recent works like ‘Neem Baba’, and ‘Diamond Fort’ on public health and environmental preservation and sustainability, published by Global publishing houses like Ukiyoto and Pocket FM, has been critically acclaimed for raising important voice on Environmental and public health issues. One of the popular Feminist International Journal (Petty Progressive) listed Sri Joydip’s “Seven Yoga Habits that can transform your life” in their “Hall of fame” as fourteen inspiring books, single women, enjoys reading along with Paul Coelho “Alchemist”. Sri Joydip lives in Bengal, India.

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Awards and Accolades on Writing

1. National Novel Writing Month 2021 Winner for Diamond Fort – Genre – Historical Fiction
2. Feminist International Journal (Petty Progressive) lists “Seven Yoga Habits that can transform your life” in their “Hall of fame” as one of the fourteen inspiring books, single women, enjoys reading along with Paul Coelho “Alchemist”.
3. Book Reviewer Zak Parker of Fupping, lists “Innovation@Yoga Education: Sri Joydip Ashram Story” on 1 of 14 books on managing anxiety.

Sri Joydip’s impactful work in the Health and Well-being of the world (SDG3), focusing on personal health and well-being through Gyan Yoga Intervention has been praised and appreciated across the world with numerous awards.

List of Awards for Sri Joydip’s Social Work with Yoga Teaching

-Appreciation by the International Federation of Yoga Professionals for work on ‘Yoga for ADHD’ in 2017.
-Teacher Innovation Award by Sri Aurobindo Society and HDFC Bank for Innovative education through Joyful and Experiential learning in 2019.
-Personal Excellence Award to Sri Joydip for his 23 years of career contribution to society, by CSR Times and India Achievers Forum in 2021.

Full Bio

What’s included

  • Course tuition
  • Surya yoga practice
  • Yogic relaxation and meditation
  • Work Stress Management discussion on Yoga’s solutions
  • Yoga therapy and philosophy discussions
  • Additional activities
  • Personal expenses
  • Pick up and drop off service
  • Special tours
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 70% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.