Contributions to Sri Joydip Ashram are  eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Adopt  a Immuno Yoga Class for Health and Wellbeing in times of Global Pandemic

When you sponsor a Yoga class with Sri Joydip Ashram , you not only help to give medical relief through ImmunoYoga program to children in need but also transform the lives of people in the community where the sponsored yoga students lives, by ensuring they get access to quality education, proper nutrition, healthcare and protection. Your sponsorship also helps poor and vulnerable communities to build a more enabling context for their yoga student to be protected and cared for.

Working with grassroots-based organisations, we strive towards making vulnerable communities unaware of constitutional values and their rights including the rights of healthcare and well being. Your sponsorship empowers our efforts to save people in vulnerable communities from help individual become better citizens for a better tomorrow. What is Yoga class sponsorship? Yoga class sponsorship is a regular giving program, wherein your (monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual) contribution ensures education, healthcare support and a safe individual from the most marginalized communities in India. The sponsored student keeps you informed about the progress made in their lives and that of the community. To effectively leverage the sponsored student’s efforts as an ambassador of the community in which he or she lives, we link each yoga students to up to three donors.

Become a regular donor

Regular giving (or direct debit) helps us to plan for long-term projects. There is an urgent need for regular giving as the people we work with, need help every day. Your regular donation allows us to implement impactful programs which will bring about a substantial change in their lives. When you sponsor a yoga students You are sponsoring an individual’s education, healthcare and protection, and well-being of the community Sponsor a Yoga students and join us on a journey Join us on a journey and see how your support transforms the lives of communities. You can donate either on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis.

For yearly basis, you donate ₹ 9,000 per yoga student per year. For monthly option, you donate ₹750 per student per month through Credit Card Standing Instructions (CCSI) or Automated Clearing House (ACH), whichever mode of payment is preferred although we strongly recommend CCSI to ensure uninterrupted support for your sponsored student. We recommend a minimum of 1-year-long support in the best interest of the yoga student. Sri Joydip Ashram Association is a 12AA registered organisation which means 50% of your donations are exempted from tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Ways to Donate

We provide several options for you to donate. Apart from Credit Card and ACH, you also have the option to pay through Cheque, Debit Cards, Net Banking or Mobile Payments. If you are looking at sponsoring through cheque or ACH, please fill it the form and post it to us.