Yoga Vasistha Course

Final Call for Registration : Registration Closes at 13th April , 5-30 pm

Short Term Online Course

Exposition of Yoga Vasistha: Sithi Prakarana ( Section dealing with Existence)

A Course by Sri Joydip,
Founder & Managing Trustee Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Training & Research Centre
Innovative Teacher Award ( 2019) by Sri Aurobindo Society & HDFC Bank
Man of Excellence Award (2021) by CSRtimes & IndiaAchievers Forum

Yoga Vasistha (YV) are conversation, between Lord Rama and his mentor Maharishi Vashistha, written by Sage Valmiki, on the theory and practice of Gyan Yoga. Divided between six books, YV discuss on the aims and practice of Gyan Yoga, the development of awareness, on the nature of our mind and nature of reality, and difference between what we perceive as reality, and the real nature of reality. Yoga Vasistha wisdom helps us to understand the nature of our mind , and the illness which are created out of it and how to heal them.The fourth Book on Sithi Prakarana, opens with Rama’s question, whether the Universe remains in a seed state in the supreme being to manifest in next epoch. This course offers in-depth understanding on the short portion of the Book dealing with section on existence – Sithi Prakarana .

Highlights of the Course:

You will understand meaning of Ramas question and Maharishi Vasistha’s Answer, and you will be listen- reflect and meditate on the principles of Gyan Yoga discussed .You will have in-depth understanding of stories explained by Maharishi Vasistha to make his point clear to Rama in Sithi Prakarana.Six Videos given for Individual Gyan Yoga Practise on Sithi Prakarana- for Sravana (Listening), Manana (Reflecting) and Niddhya Sadhana (Meditation)

Details of the Course:
Age Group: 18 years & above
Course Duration: 10 sessions of 40 minutes
Portions covered: Sections dealing with Sithi Prakarana
Day & Time: Sun – Sat ; 8:30 pm – 9:10 pm (IST)

Registration closes at 13th April – 5:30 pm
Starting from: 13th April 2021 – 21st April , 2021
Course Fee: Nil
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