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Sometimes , I ask this question to myself – Why do I write ? What would happen if I would not write, about the ‘angry old sadhu’ and the beautiful graceful tamil lady , in the streets of Tirvannamalai , who have a different world view, altogether in my book – “The Stories from Arunachala Diaries”.

Nothing in particular – the world will go as it is , Bill Laden will die, Financial crisis will happen , Corona will come and go in waves , social and economic inequality will grow, and we will have more corrupt leaders.

Yet , a reader will pick up one of my book , like “Seven Yoga habits that can transform your life “ and write a review , that they find the ideas useful , and some of them even send a mail, across, and appear in a yoga program, and say they felt a change in life.

Not a change the way the events are happening, both in their lives, or in the collective life , but a change, on how they are understanding them, and becoming conscious about them.If you feel you are missing that opportunity, it’s time to visit my author page in Amazon.