Covid Response

Sri Joydip Ashram Covid Response  was a genuine charitable activity align  to  Clause 6  Objects of Sri Joydip Ashram Trust  Deed  ( Indian Trust Act ,1882)

Sri Joydip Ashram Covid Response  has been more holistic , and it is a combined response using community driven , process driven , education and research driven and at the end International Collaboration driven.

1. Community Driven Response :
Sri Joydip Ashram started working from February 2020 on bringing people together from different walks of life, and gave a community driven response on Covid Awareness building a Whatsapp group, to spread proper information in Covid 19 . Later Sri Joydip Ashram joined as information volunteer in  UN Pause campaign  to stop misinformation on Covid 19.

2. Education/ Research  and Process Driven Response
 : In March , 2020 it launched its awareness campaign “ Corona Threat : How Yoga can help” collaborating with schools and organization across India before lockdown . After the lockdown it continued to create that awareness through Social network.

  1. International Collaboration Driven Response : From June 2020 onwards to till date Sri Joydip Ashram joined number of virtual conference and training programs with United Nations to work further in building and spreading awareness on Covid 19 and understanding its implication in different social sectors.



  1. Evidence of Sri Joydip Ashram genuine charitable Activity align in Public Health Education driven by  Covid response in lines of SDG 3 on building  Covid  awareness on “ Corona Threat : How Yoga Can help” in schools before Corona outbreak on the beginning of March .






B.Certificate by United Nations Global Compact on further training to Build Better understanding of Impact of Covid on Public Health Education



C.Certificate by United Nations Global Compact on further training to build Better understanding of Covid Impact on Science Education and Research