Living Seven Yoga Habits An Introduction to Lifewise

Highlights of the Live Session on #LivingSevenYogaHabits : #IntroductiontoLIfewise

1. Sri Aurobindo , whose vision is the base of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville told that “All life is Yoga”. The difference is only that we can be conscious about the Yoga, which is happening in our life , or we can be completely unconscious about it . We can be supportive to our transformation which is happening almost in the natural process, or we can resist it by our ignorance or by distractions of our mind. We can also fast forward by our participation and understanding of how the life itself is an wonderful platform or a mat for practicing yoga.

2.That cannot happen when we are just focusing on a problem or a need . And we are looking at life from a very limiting point of view. Then we are stuck to a determinism , which can be environmental determinism , “ The Climate did it to me “ , or an heredity determinism “ My mother did it to me “ , or an societal determinism “ My wife did it to me “. More important then , finding out who did it to me , is to turn your fingers , and pointing yourself . That’s the point when yoga starts happening in you , you just realize that you have so much power to determine the way , you want to live. When you point to the Government , to the climate , to the family , you loose the power . The power to make that change in you , comes from the yoga principle and you just take the charge of your life.

3.Because when we are pointing others , we are not making the real change , we are just quick fixing or avoiding. Or as a matter of fact , we are problem solving in a surface level . Most of the time we don’t what is the cause of the problem , we are looking for a quick fix , and if a asana and pranayama , it’s fine . It’s like an another anti-depressent tablet which might have limited side effects.

4.Deep down the problem remains as it is. We make a surface adjustment , there was no change in the way , we understand and comprehend things , there are just makeovers, which most people do spending a few hours in a beauty parlour . So we do it , in a mat probably , there is nothing wrong in it . But the solutions are temporary and the experiences fades away and most people are back to square one.

5.Yoga is not some quick fix techniques to show of your muscle tones and open up your shirt and display your body . There is nothing wrong in having those pentagon like structures, by putting bodies together as it is done in Swiss Gymanistic . You can always do that with Yoga , and it’s become like any physical practice. The problem is , if your are doing those with Yoga , you are doing very little. It’s like you are withdrawing from your Bank account a lum sump amount of 1 lacs , to buy a chocolate which cost Rs 10. There is nothing wrong on doing that, but you are using a system which can completely change yourself and transform your life , to do very little things.

6.In essence , Yoga is a philosophy , one of the prominent school of philosophy in ancient India. As you might know , the rishis never taught any techniques , they taught the principles of yoga , which can derive many techniques according to the situation to the condition of that person. The principles are permanent , they are eternal , and they are like true north . They give a direction of life , all techniques can be derived from the principles. The principles of Yoga , remain same in all these years , from the days Yoga came to human consciousness . The technique changed according to the students , to the culture they are coming from , to there ethinicity and other backgrounds. But once you have mastered the principles , you can derive and develop the techniques which are appropriate to you . Not possible for the beginners but Yes , once you start going deeper and your understanding of the principles of Yoga , become deeper you can derive the way the principles could be used in certain ways.

7.This is what is important on bringing yoga in life . Because life is so dynamic , so much of it is changing , people are changing , situation are changing , the things are changing .
Lifewise is about bringing yoga into life . As life is all about the habits you live everday . So to bring yoga in life , you have to build more habits that imbibe the yoga in it , and remove those habits which doesn’t imbibe yoga in it.

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