Yoga for ADHD

Sri Joydip presented his research paper on Yoga for ADHD(Attention deficit and Hyperactivity disorder) in the National Seminar on Yoga, organised by International federation of Yoga professionals in Jaipur ,Rajasthan. As ADHD and learning disability, is spreading like an silent epidemic, in the lack of adequate number of child psychiatrist in India .The research, we conducted on Sri Joydip Ashram end,and the recognition, we got from International federation of Yoga professionals, is well worth sharing for betterment of child education suffering from ADHD and giving them alternative primary care option.

Yoga For Mindfulness is a series of workshop to use Yoga for developing different capabilities of mind which will improve everyday performance. Watch the presentation of Yoga for mindfulness from this link

Some Images of the workshop

Watch the Live Streaming of “Yoga for Mindfulness” Workshop of 16th March , 2017 from below.

Yoga for Mindfulness

Yoga for Everybody : Yoga Workshop in US Consulate

Recently we conducted a Yoga workshop for self development ( enrich the life of labor force by promoting heath , wellness by yoga) with collaboration with American Center and US consulate on Yoga for Everybody : Workshop related to Yoga and Mindset development . The workshop was immensely successful and we have very positive feedback .  

United Nation Global Compact has published the details of this workshop “Yoga for Everybody” in there website, as an initiative to protect Human Rights by promoting peace ,enrich the life of labor force by promoting heath , wellness by yoga.

Here is some pics and  the also the Slideshare link of presentation which you can look after



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