Shiva Sutras Courses

Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Training and Research Centre Announces the following Online Courses

Shiva Sutras – The Science of Liberation

Duration: 10 days (30 mins daily)Courses start from (2nd March 2021)

Classes will be conducted on Zoom.

Language: English.

Course donation: Free

Limited seats are available.

Course Description :Shiva is the root element from which all other elements emerged and into which all other elements dissolved. Liberation is a process to get into the root element, from where everything emerged , like getting back to the seed of an tree. In the seed, the tree exist not as a leaf , not as a bark , not as a branch, but as all the possibilities of becoming a leaf , a bark or a branch . In the root elements, all the possibilities of elements exist in an unmanifest form, and as there is no manifestation, there is no boundary, it is an zone of infinite possibilities and potentialities. Everybody need to go to this zone of infinite possibilities, to redesign there life, and live it , in its truest sense. Shiva Sutras , is a direct knowledge from Shiva , and important text of Kashmiri Shaivism , which was just codified by Vasugupta . In this direct knowledge , the Adiyogi and the AdiGuru , take the understanding of life and living, into a complete different level.

In this Shivaratri celebration 2021, we would be reflecting on this possibilities on a 10 days course from 2nd March – 11th March , 2021 , everyday for 30 mins , that we can live our life , in the fullest potentiality , breathing excellence every moment , in every action.

The course is a offering to Adi Yogi and Adi Guru and only registration is required to attend the course . It is free of cost. For admission please register in the following link:

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