Root of “I” – New Documentary


What’s in a Name ?
Yet , for the last thousand years ,
I have searched you on that name !
For the next thousand years , I might search you in that name !
Not only “I” , but look at the all people around me ..
They are also searching , on the same name ..
In many lives , I have searched you, on that name ..
with many births, and many forms ..
Sometimes in love , sometimes in anger, and hatred ..
Sometimes with revenge , pointing my fingers at you …
I searched you on that name…
Though, I was caught up with time, and with space …
and the beauty of the forms, around me ..
and glued with the beautiful name, they carry with them ..
too involved, in the play of life and death ..
I was running from one name to another ..
and could not ask ..
“What’s in a name ?”
I fall down in the dark worlds ..
And really don’t know ..
how close I am to the “Root of I”.
Until I reached the holy land ..
closer to the sacred mountain of Arunachala ..
I would have never realised , how close I was, always,
to the “Root of I”.
to experience, that there is nothing, in a name.