Stories from Arunachala Diaries Book

Stories from Arunachala Diaries, are a series of writing, which promises to take you in a new level of reality in challenging times. A reality which is half ajar – a door which is half open, and half closed . While we all see , the closed door, we don’t see the door which is open.

When I visited for the first time in Tiruvannamalai in 2009 , both the doors for world, and for me was closed due to global recession . Nothing changed with my visit physically , but I discovered a new way of seeing things, and while writing this series of experience, which I had between 2009-2020, after my first visit to my Tiruvannamalai, I am back with same questions .

Many people have this questions , so though it started as a Travel log, I hope , it will evolve, as an deeper writing, while I share my interaction with a number of people, from different walks of life , who came all across the world, in the call of Mystical Mountain Arunachala, with similar questions .

While I go on sharing this writings it might also create some new questions for you , and I welcome you to share them , that we can have some fruitful interactions.


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Disclaimer :

“Stories from Arunachala Diaries” reflects the author’s present recollections of experiences over time. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated to create neccesary literary effect. The reader should not consider this book anything other than a work of literature.

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