Stories from Arunachala Diaries-17

After the storm we could not guess that there was a new storm waiting for us . Lucas was already indecisive that whether , it was a good choice to leave for Pondicherry or stay back in Tiruvannamalai for another day. Because the traces of the storm was still there , even though there was non- existence of violent winds , which are terrorizing our skins. But there were sudden splash of wind gust which is misbalancing us between the debris’s which are scattered here and there, across the road.

Suddenly Lucas started shouting in pain .

When I tried to figure out what happened, I found a window glass which probably was blown by wind from somewhere , with sharp ends , had entered in Lucas right leg and it’s hanging there , while blood is flowing profusely.

He needs an urgent medical care , and all the shops around were closed which can give some first aid .

In a while a police man arrived in a enfield bullet bike , who was patrolling , to find out the aftermath of the storm. I rushed to him.

– “Can we get a ambulance ? He needs an Urgent attention “
The Policeman looked like a regular time guy , just that he had a fancy mouthstache. However , his interest was more to find out the details of Lucas , than to give him Urgent medical attention he requires.

– “ Does he had a passport and visa ?” . I quickly took the bag from his shoulder and started searching whether it was available.
– “ Right Pocket.. Right Pocket” Lucas told me in a trembling voice.
– “See .. he had it , why don’t we first go to the hospital ?”
– “ I need to see it first” . Looking at the determination of the Policeman voice , I searched the right pocket and find all the travel documents and gave it to policeman.He checked it for sometime, and then returned back after profusely matching the photograph of Lucas with the real face.

– “Can we make it fast , he was bleeding” . I was getting stressed as he asked a peculiar question .
– “How much money does he had ?“
– “Why” I asked.
– “I can take you the residence of a nearby Orthopedic surgeon . His house and chamber is in same place, in Big Temple Road. But it would require a lot of money.”
– “ My purse is in left pocket” – Lucas again shouted with a trembling voice.

The Policeman drove us to the chamber of the Orthopedic surgeon who seem to be a great follower of Mother and Sri Aurobindo , with their photos hanging everywhere in the chamber. He had a very efficient women assistant , who did all the dressing to the Lucas injury and put the bandage.
– “Ganeshan where did you get them ?
– “Just near the Ganesha temple” the policeman replied . The surgeon was very quiet and humble . He wrote some medicine in the prescription, and probably realized that we would not get them today. So, he handed over to his assistant.
– “ Shanti , please check the stock , we might have this medicines , if we had please give it to him” . Shanti quickly went into a room and brought back the medicines, while Ganeshan kept looking on Shanti in a very awkward way.

– “ Thank you doctor” . Lucas has already started healing and he was taking baby steps even with the bandage.

– “ Where are you from ? “
– “ Pondicherry”
– “ Your native place in Pondicherry”
– “ No , I am in Bengal and he is from France , he stays in US these days.”
– “ Doctor , can we get back to Pondy today”.
– “ No , you need to take two days rest . The injury is deep”. The doctor thundered.
– “ But we don’t have place to stay here”.
– “ Shanti .. can you help ?” For a fraction of second, the beautiful smile in short heighted Shanti vanished. After a moment of shyness and hesitation , she nod her head
– “You can stay for two days in my house , it’s nearby “
– “ Thank you “
– “Doctor what are you charges”
– “ No charges , you are devotee of Arunachala , have come to see Arunachala from such distance . It is our job to serve you “. Lucas looked at Ganeshan and he clearly seemed irritated with the hospitality of both the doctor and his assistant.
– “ I will leave now “ Ganeshan angrily remarked.
– “ Thank you also for your lift “ . Lucas handed over some cash to Ganeshan , without any hesitation , he took the cash and kept it in his pocket.
– “ Usually I take more in emergency cases . But it is ok “ . Lucas handed over some more money to Ganeshan. As he was getting ready to start some new requisition, Shanti was irritated and angry . She raised his eyebrows , and her regular smiling face was hidden , behind a very powerful and strong look.

– – “ We should leave now , otherwise storm could return again”.
Lucas was back to his original self and he started curiously looking at Shanti , as if he had got another object of deeper study.
Shanti also asked us to follow her in her way to home. And before starting towards her home , in a very a devoted way she also chanted “Arunachala Shiva , Arunachala Shiva” .

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“Stories from Arunachala Diaries” reflects the author’s present recollections of experiences over time. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated to create neccesary literary effect. The reader should not consider this book anything other than a work of literature.
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