‘What’s in our mind’ Weekly Column by Sri Joydip



I have decided to start writing a column “What’s in our mind”, of 500 words every week on the social network, for the readers of me, in my Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/srijoydip .

The general tone of writing would be satirical and fun covering the current issues of a week. However, I intend to share my opinion, and give social messages on some of the important social issues, using this satirical, fun tone, which is affecting us on day to day basis. And I am sure it is going to make you laugh in these stressful times.

So have a good laugh, reading my column every week, on my social networking handles, and say goodbye to anxiety, depression, tension, and stress in these extraordinary times

You can also share my column having my copyright message intact. © ‘What’s in our mind’ Weekly Column by Sri Joydip