Background of Sri Joydip’s teachings

21 years ago when Sri Joydip started teaching in 1998 , he was not sure that this profession would mean so much to him, and the people around him, whose lives he can touch positively.

Sri Joydip’s outstanding contribution to the teaching profession

It was a chance for him to awaken the latent power, which is there in each individual , making them curious about the life both inner and outer. For some , he would help them to take the weapon of knowledge , to win the fight of living in a very challenging world, for some he would help them to explore the inner world and get the harmony and peace they are seeking for.

Specific examples on challenges on teaching  students suffering from different Medical and Life Condition :

In 2014 , Sri Joydip started working in a project , to use the power of yoga to address one of the most important learning crisis facing today’s younger generation – Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder and also related Children and Adolescent Mental Health Problem .

In India, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), have been neglected in last 63 years . National Health Policy makers, have nothing in their agenda, as far as Child Mental Health is concerned.

It is evident that, with this kind of complacency in initiative, will result to more problems of Child and Adolescent mental health’ in India . One of the major problems which affect majority of the Child and Adolescent population, who are suffering from different forms of Mental Health problems, is learning difficulties, which negatively affect the academic performance of a child.

This leads towards obstacles on achieving his career goals, extending to negative growth in economic and social levels, in later stage of life. In collective terms, increasing number of cases in learning difficulties, can also create human capital with unsound mental health, which could even hamper the economic progress of the country.

Along with this major problem, which can shape up to major calamity in terms of human calamity in India, there is a huge gap of the requirement and the supply, as ninety nine percent of child population is unattended in India, and they don’t get Child and Mental Health (CAMH) services due to lack psychiatrist practicing in this field. It is the objective to attend this unattended population, Sri Joydip, started how it can be addressed by Yoga.

Child and Adolescent population in low and middle income countries like India, constitutes 35% of the population .  India, population is predominantly rural, rapid urbanisation and social change is under way, with an increase in urban poverty and unemployment, which are risk factors for poor child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) care.

This is where we plan to reach out his ‘99 percent of Child population’ which needs, Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) Services. This population of 114 million, which is a huge territory is being unattended by any agency still now.

So, this is a huge challenge for us that how can this population be addressed with yoga process of mental development.  On the top of it, the students who would come for this classes would be so hyperactive, that it was challenging to make them sit down in a place, and make them listen. There hands and minds would continuously move and their attention span would be very limited .

Sri Joydip’s innovation in the  Yoga Classroom ( both Online and Offline)

So, he developed a number of small and innovative yoga exercise to slow them down. One of them , is to make them putting the thumbs up and then let the eye concentrate on thumps up position from distance , to improve the concentration.

Popularly knows as Tatraka in yoga , these exercises help them to slow down.

He have to come up with new breathing technique that can calm down the minds of these school students. Sometimes we have to go to our house , to increase the space and use the colors that could make there mind slow down. There where different kind of parenting and teaching strategies with special educational guidance has to be provided .

Results of Sri Joydip’s innovation in Yoga Teaching

The Results with Yoga with ADHD students is so phenomenal that after 2 years in 16th April , 2017 , International Federation of Yoga Professional honored me and ask me to present my findings on ‘Yoga for ADHD’ in there National Seminar . It really impacted many more child to access and use the findings . There where 6 books written on this innovation and 8 registered copyright, attended from the Copyright Department , Government of India.

Taking this results innovation to Adult Education

After a point many people started coming with different ailments and seeking to heal them through Yoga. He find the most the time , the adults have set pattern and structures made in there mind which they hardly like to change . This resistance and lack of openness is what makes healing impossible .

He brought his understanding of addressing learning difficulties in the case of Adult education also . He introduced a which is called “Nueroplasticity and Yoga “ where the adult population where learning never stops and doesn’t dependent on the aging process.

This innovation in adult education helped many adult population to heal there medical and life condition. And he later found , Sri Joydip Ashram Online Yoga Varsity around this concepts of ‘Nueroplasticity and Yoga’ , ‘Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services’ .

He explained the entire exercise could be also an healing exercise, as it open up new corners , and to a new possibility.




Application on Broader Social Context

Sri Joydip invented innovative yoga methods for mindfulness practise of Yoga , which helps to improve concentration to the student community to sort some of the significant learning crisis both in Children and Adult population, which can have significant social implication in the following fields

  1. Eradication of extreme hunger and poverty. ( Through Micro-entrepreneurship education)
  2. Promotion of Education
  3. Promoting Gender equality and empowering women.
  4. Reducing Child Mortality and Improving maternal health. ( Education on Food and Nutrition)
  5. Ensuring Environmental Sustainability
  6. Employment Enhancement Vocational Skills.
  7. Delivering Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services as Social Business Project
  8. Adult education on Reskiling and Nueroplasticity through Yoga.

Role of Sri Joydip Ashram Trust on Implementation Sri Joydip’s teaching on Broader Social context.

Sri Joydip Ashram is a Public Charitable and Educational Trust , which operates under Indian Trust Law, 1882. According to Clause (6) of the Trust Deed the lawful purpose of the Trust is to disseminate Sri Joydip’s Teachings , which are in the form of numerous Intellectual property like ( Lifewise, Seven Yoga Habits that can Transform your Life , Creatiyoga ) which are created out of consciousness research in Yoga , for public welfare and benefit of the beneficiaries who are the students of Sri Joydip Ashram and apply Sri Joydip’s teaching in broader social context.