21 days/250 hours Surya Yoga Therapy TTC combined with World Yoga Festival and Yoga Pilgrimage



About the Course :

21 days/ 250 hours Surya Yoga Therapy (TTC)– Teachers Training Course for 21 days in Kolkata and Rishikesh combined with World Yoga Festival and Yoga Pilgrimage

About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient path which was intended to lead the sincere practitioner to enlightenment by transcending human suffering. Healing of the body, mind and heart were essential stages on the path to that enlightenment, and the Yogic healing techniques are most effective when practiced with a thorough understanding of modern healing modalities.

Program Deliverables

In the program you will develop the following skills:

Learn about diseases and dysfunction from a western model and from a Surya yoga model.
Integrate the Surya Yoga tools of Surya asana, Surya pranayama and Surya Mantras and meditation into the treatment of musculoskeletal, medical and psychological conditions.
Become a trained Surya yoga therapist capable of working in private or group settings.
Learn to evaluate a person for musculoskeletal and psychological conditions and apply Surya yoga techniques as treatment for a variety of medical conditions.
Develop care plans based on evaluations

Target Audience

This program is for yoga teachers, practitioners and health care providers and is intended to build upon the approach to Surya Yoga taught in the Sri Joydip Ashram, and its medical application and teaching guidelines. Health Care practitioners, with a yoga practice or background may enter the program.

The following modules make up the program and may be taken in any order unless specific prerequisites are given in program descriptions. Individual modules may be taken for educational purposes.

Course Duration

The total curriculum training time is 21 days for Surya Yoga Teachers Training Fast Track Program covering 5 courses from Surya Yoga basics to Surya Yoga Advance including Surya Yoga teaching and therapeutic aspect. This is an emersion program where one goes deep in understanding Surya Yoga , Surya Asanas and Surya Pranayama and there workings on different disease and healing them.

Course Pedagogy

1. Surya Meditation , Surya Asanas , Surya Pranayamas
2. Learning to do Clinical Study
3. Chanting of Yoga Sutras  – the most authentic scripture revered worldwide.
4. Discussion on Yoga Sutras
5. Asignments on different aspects of Yoga Sutras and its Clinical Application
6. Group Discussion [ Online / offline ] on different aspects of Yoga Sutras and its Clinical Application
7. Surya Yoga Teaching guidelines
8. Module Test on Surya Yoga and its Clinical Application and therapeutic aspect
9. Project Work

Course Content

Course SYTTC001 : Surya Yoga Basics

•  Teaching  Surya Dhanya or Surya Meditation
• Advance Surya Pranayama
• Understanding Yoga Sutras related to Surya Yoga
•  Functional Anatomy and Therapeutic Yoga

Course SYTTC002 :  Surya  Yoga Therapy : Musculoskeletal Assessment

Prerequisite: Functional anatomy and therapeutic yoga.
This course will deepen your understanding and knowledge of the function and location of the muscles and   joints of the body. You will learn evaluation techniques for the strength and length of each muscle and joint. This evaluation will be taught in two ways. First you will learn to evaluate each part separately. Then you will learn a more functional, integrated approach to evaluation. Through learning to “read” the student’s body you will learn the tools to find imbalances as you watch their ability to move through asana practice. This ability to “read” the practice will give you a more functional understanding of what is going on in their body and how certain imbalances may lead to pain and dysfunction. The development of a personalized plan of care and personalized asana practice for your student based on this evaluation will be taught. After this course, you will be able to help students with musculoskeletal dysfunctions (for example: back pain, neck pain, arthritis, tendonitis) by finding their imbalances and helping them to find a yoga practice to restore balance as well as modify asanas as needed.

Course SYTTC003 :  Surya  Yoga Therapy :Medical Issues: Integrating Medical Knowledge and Intuitive Healing

This program is designed to integrate medical knowledge with traditional yoga practices of asana, pranayama and meditation. Common medical conditions including: neurological, endocrine, cardiovascular, pulmonary, autoimmune, inflammatory, cancer, and gastrointestinal will be discussed. The physiology behind the condition as well as common treatments and the application of yoga practices to the disease will be discussed. Current research on Yoga for these conditions will be presented (Joydip, Wisdom Stimulus : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management, 2011). The relationship of the mind to the healing process will be explored (Vivekananda, 2006). There will be opportunity for students to inquire about any medical topics of interest.

Course SYTTC003 :  Surya  Yoga Therapy :The Yoga Way: Emotional Well-being

This course will give a concentrated overview of psychology and the human condition from the ancient Yogic perspective (Ashram, 2014). We will review Yogic concepts related to understanding the mind, including kosas, kleshas, samskaras, gunas (Haratranft, 2003). We will explore how these concepts fit into the modern psychological models of the mind and how they may be useful in understanding and treating dysfunction. Students will learn Yoga Therapy methods for managing or assisting in healing psychological difficulties, including depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress responses.

Course SYTTC004 :  Surya  Yoga Therapy :Functional Integration:

This is the last class taken in the program. Using all of the information from the five courses you will have the opportunity to work with case studies. You will practice evaluation techniques from the medical, musculoskeletal and psychology modules. You will then develop an assessment and plan of care using what you learned in the meditation, pranayama and Patanjali Yoga Sutra (Haratranft, 2003) courses. This will be an experiential course focused on bringing all of the information together and will include a competency check off to ensure you have developed these skills.
The Assignments and Module Test would carry 50% of the weightage and the another 50% weightage would be in the Part I Written Examination.

Course Steps

This will be a two step process. Step one will consist of a research paper on a topic of interest in the field of yoga therapy. Step two will require 2 client evaluations with 2 follow up visits for these clients. This can be done in your hometown. A write up of these cases will be submitted and a phone meeting will be scheduled to discuss the paper and case studies.


We ensure highest quality and authenticity of our Yoga courses and spiritual training program . Sri Joydip Ashram is now an registered Education Trust on Yoga and Spiritual Education and also an participant of United Nations Global Compact Program for using Yoga as a tool for Human Development .

Free Gifts with the Registration

1. Free Group Session on Surya Yoga Mindfulness Meditation- 21 mins Free Group session on Skype to the interested on Surya Yoga Therapy TTC in Rishikesh. Here you will get a chance to practice Surya Dhyana ( Surya Yoga Mindfulness Meditation) and get a special price of 20% discount using a discount Coupon.

2. Free Ebook – Living Well , where you will get the understanding how to practise Wellness Principles that can transform your life.

3. Free Personal Mentoring Session : One-to-One Free personal mentoring session for 21 mins with the Facilitator of the Surya Yoga Therapy TTC in Rishikesh , where you can discuss about the particular problems you are facing both in the healing front , and the business front.

About the Instructor

Sri Joydip’s Corporate Training Experience on Yoga Related Courses

1.    Birla Corporation Limited – Birlapur  – Workshop related to Yoga and Mindset Development
2.    National Small Industries Commission [ NSIC] [ Kolkata] – Workshop related to Yoga and Mindset Development
3.    ETA Maelco [ Kolkata ] – Softskills , Leadership Development and Yoga

Why Sri Joydip teaches Yoga ? [ In his own words ]

2003-2009 as a  Part Time Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Student in Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advance Research.

I am teaching yoga for last 13 years now. Further , I started teaching Yoga in 2003, as a part time teacher , sharing my own practices to a group of people. In 2007, I did a professional course in ‘Psycology of Yoga’, from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advance Research, Pondicherry, in Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga based on ‘Synthesis of Yoga’. The course emphasized on the psychological aspect of Yoga . Earlier , I did also training on Reiki 1st degree and second degree from Reiki Kendra , where I learned about the subtle aspects of healing and therapy. At 2009 , I have a deep spiritual experience in Sri Aurobindo Ashram, followed by meeting my Guru Arunachala Shiva/ Guru Dakshinamurty in Tiruvannamalai.

2010-2016 as an Yoga Teacher, Writer and Filmmaker on the subject related to Yoga, in Sri Joydip Ashram

From 2010 , I restarted teaching yoga, more regularly on banner of Sri Joydip Ashram, mostly taking reference of Bhagvad Gita’s yoga and its application in Management . I wrote three books on it, and visited across India, giving lectures upto 2011 .

In 2012 , I went into a deeper search and sadhana on Yoga for one year . That year , in the meditation with Sri Dakshinamurty (who is known as Adi yogi – the first yogi), in a temple in Tiruvannmalai , a system of Yoga is revealed to me , how we can connect with the energy of ‘inner sun’ with a group of mantras , pranayamas , Surya Kriya and Asanas  . Surya yoga alongwith Surya Kriya and Surya Dhyana formed a part of system of Yoga , which is referred as “Wellness Yoga” and which helps on mindfulness and building awareness that could heal disease , create a sense of wellbeing and make people happy                 .

I started teaching Surya Yoga from 2012 onwards, and I initiated many students across the world , on this system of yoga, both online and offline.
From 2013 onwards , I started regularly publishing blog articles in Speaking Tree, and many other Yoga journals, across the world, on Yoga, and a list of my published articles are given below.

In 2013, I also joined the ‘Yoga Teachers Training Workshop’ with Ramkrishna Mission Vivekandanda University, as a Yoga Filmmaker, in Assam and created two films on ‘Yoga as Medicine ‘ and ‘Yoga for Wellness’ on the application of Yoga on Medicine, and the application of Yoga on Human Wellness. ‘Yoga as Medicine’ was highly praised and selected for screening in Kolkata International Film Festival 2013.

In 2014 and 2015, I was the secretary of the Organising Committee, of World Yoga Festival 2014 in Burdwan, and World Yoga Festival 2015 in Tiruvannmalai , which is jointly organised by Sri Joydip Ashram and Eastern India Yoga and Spiritual Organisation Association, where we have many different yoga school participated, and exchange their thoughts and views on Yoga.

On 2015, I did 2 online courses from 2 International Universities in Australia (Monash University) and Russia ( University of Aberdeen) on Mindfulness , Peak Performance , Food and Nutrition along with Well being . This courses helped me to connect my knowledge on Yoga with mindfulness, Nutrition , Food habits and create programs like Wellness Program , Workplace Wellness Program which help many students to live well , become happy and have a general sense of Well being.

For last 13 years, I am teaching yoga to share some of divine gifts, I have received for using Yoga for health and Wellbeing, and transforming human beings into Divine Beings.

I love writing on Yoga, and I have almost 6 Paperback/E-books on Yoga , numerous articles on blogs and also many videos, telling different aspects of Yoga.

Yoga Programs I teach

1.    Wellness Program  ( General ) – 10 hrs – 5 days [ 2 hrs each day] –  The program teaches Surya Yoga , Surya Kriya , Surya Dhyana and Wisdom Points on Wellness.
2.    Wellness Program  ( Weight Loss ) – 10 hrs – 5 days [ 2 hrs each day] –  The program teaches Surya Yoga , Surya Kriya , Surya Dhyana and Wisdom Points on Weight Loss.
3.    Weekend Workplace Wellness Program – 10 hrs – The program teaches Surya Yoga , Surya Kriya , Surya Dhyana and Wisdom Points on Workplace Wellness.
4.    Wisdom Courses – 10 hrs – The program teaches application of Bhagvad Gita for better Self management .
5.    Surya Yoga TTC [ Rishikesh] – 21 days – A complete guidance of application of Surya Yoga for conducting therapy.
6.    Guru Poornima Retreat ( Tiruvannamalai) 48 days – Spiritual Retreat Program with Advance Research on Yoga and  Advaita Philosophy.
7.    Deepam Retreat ( Tiruvannamalai) 48 days – Spiritual Retreat Program Advance Research on Yoga and Advaita Philosophy.

Yoga and Spirituality Related Books

1. Wisdom Stimulus – Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management (2011) – Lulu Publishers.
2. Wisdom Stimulus Series-Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam- Application of Bhagvad Gita in Human Relationship Management (2011) – Lulu Publishers.
3. Wisdom Stimulus Series – Application of Bhagvad Gita in Organisational Leadership. (2011) – Lulu Publishers.
4. Living the Truth -( 2013) – Lulu Publishers.
5. Beyond Religion (2013) Lulu Publishers.
6. Arunchala Shiva – The Ultimate Sadhana (2014) Lulu Publishers.

Yoga and Spirituality Articles Publication

1.The Great Synthesis- A Journey from Ancient to Modern Education , Philosophies , Teaching style and practice (2010)- Management Teachers Consortium Journal .
2.Understanding Sri Aurobindo’s Psycology of Yoga in light of Mandukya Upanishad (2008) – Submitted as a research paper in Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advance Research.
3.Medieval and Early Modern Puranic and Religious biographies of Tiruvannamalai – based on the Puranic Text of Arunachala Mahatmaya a important portion of Skanda Purana.
4.Yoga Sutras for Yoga Lifestyle [ 2014] Unpublished.
5.Yoga for Conflict Resolution – Zen Ward Magazine [ 2015]
6.Essence of Yoga – Speaking Tree Blog [ 2015]
7.Living Well – Speaking Tree Blog [ 2015]
8.How to naturally lose Weight – Speaking Tree Blog [ 2015]
9 . Living in the moment – Workplace Wellness – Speaking Tree Blog [ 2016]

Yoga Films

Yoga as Medicine – 2013 – Sri Joydip Ashram, in collaboration with Swami Vivekandananda Value Education forum, supported by Ramkrishna Misison Vivekananda University.


Yoga for Wellness – 2013 – Unreleased.

Essence of Yoga – 2015


Yoga Related Degree’s

Reiki I and II , Reiki Centre Kolkata [ 2003]
Psycology of Yoga , Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advance Research [ 2007-2008]
Online Course on Mindfullness and Peak Performance – Monash University [ 2015]
Online Course on Food and Nutrition  – University of Aberdeen [ 2015]


•    Creative Writing Course , British Council , British Deputy High Commission (2015)
•    Young Professional Program , Indian Institute of Management , Kolkata ( 2003)
•    Professional Network Computing ( PNC) , National Institute of Information Technology ( 1996-1998)
•    Bsc ( Bio) , Burdwan University ( 1995-1997)

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Only Surya Yoga TTC Course Fee – Rs 90,000/- [ $1500]

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