Gautama narrates his own sadhana in Arunachala

Finally after giving an elaborate description to Gauri, of all the sadhanas performed by different deities , Siddhas , Kings , Human beings and the all the pilgrimage they visited to get effects of there Sadhana , Gautama comes back to his own sadhana.

The last 6 months , I have been writing in these forum about Gautama Maharishis description of all the sadhanas to Mother Gauri.We find in Puranas and also the epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana , that these kind of conversation, where a Rishi[ a Sage] and a God are undergoing discussion over the subtle points of sadhana like we find here between Gauri and Gautama. There are also similar kind of instances of conversation in case of Mahabharata with Sage Ved Vyasa and Lord Ganesha , in case of Maharamayana between Sage Vasistha and Lord Rama.

These is a very interesting construct of conversation between a Sage and Goddess which makes the subtle theories of spirituality and there applications in forms of stories and examples very easily understood. In the cases of mantras, also we find there is a specific rishi who is the author of themantra, and the mantra is addressed to a particular diety , embodying the principle of mantra and the kind of benefits the mantra is intending for. This is how,we see a general pattern of how the wisdom is expressed, and how the consciousness which is represented by certain rishis, and the shakti which represented by certain devas , interacts between themselves for creating the higher  level of wisdom and transforming the consciousness of masses. The same kind of construct are also seen in these series of “Glory of Arunachala” . There are different paths of sadhana are given which is practised by different kinds of gods , and rishis and there are different boons and benefit , they received by this, which can be termed as certain forms of siddhis .  Gautama also had the opportunity to do intense sadhana, by the Grace of Siva, and he adored Him in the form of  Arunachala and worshipped the invisible Linga for the benefit of the entire world. A celestial pavilion was constructed there by Visvakarma. Various festivals and celebrations were introduced. Sages found several kinds of scriptures dealing with dharma and conducted the worship of Siva in accordance with them.

Gautama, also appointed seven noble maidens sprung from the sacrificial fire, for the worship of Siva. In olden days the Lord of Sonasaila was specially worshipped by many kings who had regained their kingdoms after conquering their enemies. This Linga in the form of a hill is blemishless and is named Annamalai. The Lord of Arunagiri, who grants boons, should always be meditated upon. Fortunate indeed are the noble souls who have acquired boundless merit by worshipping the Lord of Arunachala who protects his devotees and absolves them of sins the moment they think of Him.