Sri Joydip nominated for Global Teachers Award 2019


The pleasant surprise of Teachers Day.

Got nominated for Global Teachers Prize 2019, for extraordinary contribution, in teaching profession, for using Yoga to address the learning difficulties and ADHD,in Child and Adoloscent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) domain. There is alarming level of lack of child psychiatrists to address the CAMHS problems faced in India , which can jeopardise the future of child and his career advancement, and also the future of our nation.

Can Yoga be an substitute for addressing this problem?.

Our team started working on this project from 2014 , and in 2015 we where planing to kick of CAMHS clinic in major schools.

However many schools are not very aware of CAMHS problems , a student might be facing. They just pointed out, it is lacking of there apptitude. Some would even take it as an offence. I remember Ishita and Subhashis and Subho , who are project coordinators faced so much problems on coordinating with schools.

However our team continued working on it and we gave solutions of some CAMHS problems through Yogic processes, in a personal one to one settings.

In 2017 , based on a paper presented on our work on ‘Yoga For ADHD’ in a National Seminar in Jaipur, and then my speech, on this regard ,IFYP presented a token of appreciation, for this work, we have been doing for years.

In April 2018, we launched online courses on ‘Yoga for ADHD’ in Sri Joydip Ashram Online Yoga Varsity and started giving help on one-to-one settings to students suffering from CAMH problems.

Finally in 2018, after a five years of work on Yoga for CAMHS , in 5th Septembor,I got nominated for Global Teachers Prize 2019.