International Gyan Yoga Teachers Training 2019 creates first Indian Gyan Yoga Teacher .

Finally, its here in Bengal. A journey of hard work, sincerity, punctuality and discipline for last five months, makes the first Indian Gyan Yoga Teacher from Gyan Yoga Teachers Training Program . A talent entrapped in adverse psychological condition , finds the truth, which she wants to live . Last three years , of Gyan Yoga Teachers Training Program, we have seen nine participants from Israel(2) , Estonia(1) , Romania(1) , France(1), Sweden(1) , US(1) , Ukraine (1) and India(1) . The kingdom of morning star opened, only for three participant out of them, one from Romania in 2017, one from Estonia in 2018 , and one from India in 2019 , who only can become a Gyan Yoga Teacher , going through the extensive hard work ( tapas) and self purification, which is pre-requisite of Gyan Yoga Teachers Training Program.

Nandini Biswas is also the first Indian Gyan Yoga Teacher , to join the league. We from Sri Joydip Ashram Team , wish a dawn of greater seeking of wisdom, for Nandini, which will broaden the sky of understanding for her students. May her journey, in the vast ocean of wisdom of Indian Gyan Yoga Tradition , on which Gyan Yoga Teachers Training, is the ‘tip of iceberg’, have the wings of brooding force of Gyana Gurus.