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A journey from personal health and well-being to global health and well-being (SDG3) through Gyan Yoga Intervention.

Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Training and Research Center – A Registered charity under Indian Trust Law 1882 recognized worldwide for its Innovative Yoga Education. All Donations to Sri Joydip Ashram is exempted from Tax – under Section 80G of Income Tax Act ,1961.

It is a Non Business Partner of United Nations Global Compact , working on the area of Gyan Yoga Intervention for SDG3 – Health and Well-being of the world.

Sri Joydip Ashram’s impactful work in Health and Wellbeing of the world , focusing in personal health and well-being through Gyan Yoga Intervention has been praised and appreciated across the world with numerous awards .

List of Awards/ Appreciation for Sri Joydip Ashram Caused based Advocacy Work on Gyan Yoga Intervention for SDG3 – Health and Well-being of world.

  •  Appreciation by International federation of Yoga Professionals for work on ‘Yoga for ADHD’ in 2017.
  • Teacher Innovation Award by Sri Aurobindo Society and HDFC Bank for Innovative education through Joyful and Experiential learning in 2019
  • Transparency Award by Guidestar India for Accountability and Transparency in 2020.
  • Man of Excellence Award to the  founder of Sri Joydip Ashram for 23 years career contribution to society, by  India Achievers Forum (IAF) in 2021.

Donate to the cause of Sri Joydip Ashram through Bank Transfer

Account Name – Sri Joydip Ashram
Account Number 50200018584819
Bank: Bandhan Bank Limited
Branch: Burdwan
IFSC Code: BDBL0001317
MICR Code: 713750102
State: West Bengal
District: Bardhaman
City: Kolkata
Branch Code: 001317 (Last 6 Characters of the IFSC Code)

If you want to get an 80G donation reciept please write to sscexams.srijoydipashram(atthe rate) after making your donation.

Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Training and Research Centre, launched the online course of Siva Sutras on Kashmiri Saivism . It was a great opportunity to reflect on one of the most important text of Kashmiri Saivism, collectively , just before the Shivaratri 2021, when the nature is ready for an awakening towards a shift of consciousness, which could transform your life.

Those who have not registered yet, please register using the following link: Registration Form :

++ Only Registered Participant can get the zoom link and also access to whatsapp group where they can interact and ask their own personal queries on how apply Shivasutras in life.


Shiva Sutra Course

Sri Joydip Ashram Gets Transparency Awards

Guidestar India, the largest NGO repository of India, awards Sri Joydip Ashram as one of the most Transparent NGO in India, with a verification certificate to ‘Sri Joydip Ashram ‘ commitment to transparency.
Sri Joydip Ashram a registered charity under Indian Trust Law 1882, is a member of United Nations Global Compact, and recognised by NITI Aayog , Government of India, for it’s Innovative ‘Yoga Education towards Health related Sustainable Development Goals’ ,and exempted from Income Tax under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.
We thank Guidestar India for this rare acknowledgement and further extend our commitment to transparency leading to trustworthiness.Some interesting facts on Sri Joydip Ashram::

Our social audit revealed that Sri Joydip Ashram has benefited 2647 person in last 8 years since it’s inception, on different level of healthcare through Yoga, from fitness to chronic disease management on which 75% are women and senior citizen, 20% children with medical issues and 5% are people with chronic terminal disease .


Contributions to Sri Joydip Ashram are  eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Adopt  a Immuno Yoga Class for Health and Wellbeing in times of Global Pandemic

When you sponsor a Yoga class with Sri Joydip Ashram , you not only help to give medical relief through ImmunoYoga program to children in need but also transform the lives of people in the community where the sponsored yoga students lives, by ensuring they get access to quality education, proper nutrition, healthcare and protection. Your sponsorship also helps poor and vulnerable communities to build a more enabling context for their yoga student to be protected and cared for.

Working with grassroots-based organisations, we strive towards making vulnerable communities unaware of constitutional values and their rights including the rights of healthcare and well being. Your sponsorship empowers our efforts to save people in vulnerable communities from help individual become better citizens for a better tomorrow. What is Yoga class sponsorship? Yoga class sponsorship is a regular giving program, wherein your (monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual) contribution ensures education, healthcare support and a safe individual from the most marginalized communities in India. The sponsored student keeps you informed about the progress made in their lives and that of the community. To effectively leverage the sponsored student’s efforts as an ambassador of the community in which he or she lives, we link each yoga students to up to three donors.

Become a regular donor

Regular giving (or direct debit) helps us to plan for long-term projects. There is an urgent need for regular giving as the people we work with, need help every day. Your regular donation allows us to implement impactful programs which will bring about a substantial change in their lives. When you sponsor a yoga students You are sponsoring an individual’s education, healthcare and protection, and well-being of the community Sponsor a Yoga students and join us on a journey Join us on a journey and see how your support transforms the lives of communities. You can donate either on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis.

For yearly basis, you donate ₹ 9,000 per yoga student per year. For monthly option, you donate ₹750 per student per month through Credit Card Standing Instructions (CCSI) or Automated Clearing House (ACH), whichever mode of payment is preferred although we strongly recommend CCSI to ensure uninterrupted support for your sponsored student. We recommend a minimum of 1-year-long support in the best interest of the yoga student. Sri Joydip Ashram Association is a 12AA registered organisation which means 50% of your donations are exempted from tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Ways to Donate

You can donate through Bank Transfer . If you want to get the 80G receipt  write to sscexams.srijoydipashram(attherate) . 

Account Name – Sri Joydip Ashram
Account Number 50200018584819
Bank: Bandhan Bank Limited
Branch: Burdwan
IFSC Code: BDBL0001317
MICR Code: 713750102
State: West Bengal
District: Bardhaman
City: Kolkata
Branch Code: 001317 (Last 6 Characters of the IFSC Code)

If you want to use other ways of donating, apart from bank transfer , please fill the form below , a volunteer will get in touch with you.



Sri Aurobindo Society, sister organisation of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and HDFC Bank, appreciates our sustainable effort on bringing “Innovation in yoga education”,from each of the yoga programs, we have designed so far.

Starting from Wisdom Stimulus,Lifewise,Creatiyoga,Seven Yoga Habits,Workplace Wellness,Gyan Yoga Teachers training, Science of yoga,Yoga of dance, we have made sustainable efforts,to make yoga education multidisciplinary , experiential and joyful.

Individuals across eleven countries , whom we taught different forms of yoga,appreciated our efforts on bringing innovation in yoga education,making it multidisciplinary, experiential and joyful.

Lifewise Corporate Program


Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program


  •  Monthly 24 hours program ( 2 hours a day , 3 days a week for 1 month) [ Non – Residential ]

You will be guided to explore the  Surya yoga and seven yoga habits , how it can help you on managing work-stress and lead a happy and stress free work life.

Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program ,  not only heals the body from diseases, but also helps you receive wellness, happiness, and well-being, by creating a completely new condition and consciousness to balance your work and life.


  • Surya  yoga practice
  • Special sessions on Work Stress Management
  • Mindfulness meditation and relaxation practices
  • Creating happy and stress free work life
  • Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program reduces all top professional stressors which creates Counter productive work behaviour. This professional stressors are   disrespect at the workplace, lack of work-life balance, inability to process constructive feedback from manager, lack of support from manager and when opinion is not considered (participation) .
  • Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program reduces all top personal stressors: Inability to manage personal and professional responsibilities and interference of personal relationships at work.

Skill level

  • Basic

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 30 and minimum is 5.


  • Lifewise Corporate Yoga


  • Instruction language: English
  •  Spoken languages: English


This is an basic course that will really sharpen your mind for a more detailed knowledge of yoga. Upon completion, you will be able to receive a certificate issued by Sri Joydip Ashram.

This 24-hour yoga  training will take you to the essence of workstress and how it impacts your work life and creates man different diseases.

  • Stress caused either due to professional or personal challenges has an impact on both the Return on Investment – ROI (quantifiable) as well as Value on Investment– VOI (qualitative)
    of an organization
  • Return on Investment perspective
  • The total organizational productivity loss per year approximately adds upto INR 49.67 Cr, 105.48 Cr and 10.5 Cr across IT/ITES, Finance / Banking and Travel & Hospitality sectors respectively making it a serious contender for organizational investments towards holistic health and wellness of employees particularly with a focus on minimizing stress levels
  • Value on Investment perspective
  • Lack of clarity of goals, inability to manage personal and professional responsibilities, lack of flexibility and overtime result in low work engagement, high levels of fatigue as well as increased absenteeism , undesirable behaviour and culture of negativity at workplace

Experience visualization


This is a basic program to reduce work stress by using ancient yoga techniques and practices which are taught as Lifewise Yoga .

Lifewise Corporate Health and Wellness Program is taught by Lifewise Licenced trainer who have gone through Lifewise Teachers Training Program from Sri Joydip .

Sri Joydip

Sri Joydip is an International Yoga Teacher, who taught Yoga in International Institutional bodies like US Consulate  and American Library, Corporate bodies like Birla Corporation Limited , National Small Industries Corporation, Eta Maelco ( Dubai).

Sri Joydip’s mission is transformation of human race to divine race , by creating more equality, harmony , peace and new level of inner learning, through teaching yoga and spirituality, for health and wellness, and broad base social transformation eradication some of the social evils through new age learning tools on Yoga.

Sri Joydip  has his education in ‘Yoga and Psycology’ from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advance Research , ‘Creative writing’ from British Council, and ‘Management’ from Indian Institute of Management , Kolkata and ‘Reiki Healing’ from Reiki Kendra, “Mindfulness and Peak performance[ Online] ” from University of Monash .

He has a 30 years of Yoga practicing and 15 years of Yoga teaching experience. Sri Joydip has written six published books in Yoga and spirituality which are all available in Amazon  – ” Wisdom Stimulus – Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management ” , “Living the truth” and “Living Well”, “Seven Yoga Habits that can Transform your Life”, “Creatiyoga” , “Lifewise”, “Gyan Yoga Teachers Training “ .

Sri Joydip has also  written numerous article on Yoga which have been published on  Speaking Tree, The Complete Herbal Guide Magazine , Cure Joy , Zenward and .BYR blogs.

In 16th April , 2017 , International Federation of Yoga professionals , honoured him for his work on “Yoga for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder” for school children’s which he started working with a project called “Young Minds”. Later in 2018 , he started an online course for school children’s on “Yoga for ADHD”  where he taught to basics of management of ADHD, through new parenting and teaching strategies, which is attend by students and parents of different schools. In 5th Septembor , 2018 , Sri Joydip is nominated for Global Teachers Award 2019.


Full Bio of Instructor


Last 15 years, Sri Joydip is teaching yoga to share some of divine gifts, he has received for using Yoga for health and Wellbeing, and transforming human beings into Divine Being. Sri Joydip loves writing on Yoga, and he has almost 6 Paperback/E-books on Yoga , numerous articles on blogs and also many videos, telling different aspects of Yoga. His unique Intellectual and creative contribution on the field of Modern Yoga , connecting it with modern research in Psychology , Neurosciences and Mindfulness for helping in different works of life lead to 8 Intellectual properties registered with copyright department of Government of India .

This unique creative and Intellectual contribution which has IP protection, is disseminated by Sri Joydip Ashram Public and Charitable Trust , through Sri Joydip Ashram Online Yoga Varsity by 30 online courses for beneficiaries from people of Ten countries on transforming there lives. The ‘Instructor lead learning’ process also also uses this Intellectual properties , by licensed trainer on this Intellectual properties, in Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Training and research centres, transforming communities and creating a new quality learning standard on Yoga.


2016 – 2018

From 2016 -2018 , Sri Joydip started taking classes on yoga, to different International Institutions like American Council and American Library, and also into different civil societies like Tollygunj Golf Park Residential Association , International Federation of Yoga Professionals , DST . International students across the world, started coming to him from US, Denmark , Estonia ,France , Sweden , Romania and Israel. His research on ‘Yoga for ADHD’ for schools students also got praised and honoured by International Federation of Yoga Professionals.


In 2014 and 2015, he was the secretary of the Organising Committee, of World Yoga Festival 2014 in Burdwan, and World Yoga Festival 2015 in Tiruvannmalai , which is jointly organised by Sri Joydip Ashram and Eastern India Yoga and Spiritual Organisation Association, where he have many different yoga school participated, and exchange their thoughts and views on Yoga.

On 2015, he did 2 online courses from 2 International Universities in Australia (Monash University) and Russia ( University of Aberdeen) on Mindfulness , Peak Performance , Food and Nutrition along with Well being . This courses helped him to connect his knowledge on Yoga with mindfulness, Nutrition , Food habits and create programs like Wellness Program , Workplace Wellness Program which help many students to live well , become happy and have a general sense of Well being.


From 2013 onwards , he started regularly publishing  articles in Speaking Tree, and many other Yoga journals, across the world, on Yoga, which includes The Complete Herbal Guide Magazine , Cure Joy , Zenward and .BYR blogs..

In 2013, he also joined the ‘Yoga Teachers Training Workshop’ with Ramkrishna Mission Vivekandanda University, as a Yoga Filmmaker, in Assam and created two films on ‘Yoga as Medicine ‘ and ‘Yoga for Wellness’ on the application of Yoga on Medicine, and the application of Yoga on Human Wellness. ‘Yoga as Medicine’ was highly praised and selected for screening in Kolkata International Film Festival 2013.

In 2012 , he went into a deeper search and sadhana on Yoga for one year . That year , in the meditation with Sri Dakshinamurty (who is known as Adi yogi – the first yogi), in a temple in Tiruvannmalai , a system of Yoga is revealed to him , how we can connect with the energy of ‘inner sun’ with a group of mantras , pranayamas , Surya Kriya and Asanas . Surya yoga alongwith Surya Kriya and Surya Dhyana formed a part of system of Yoga , which is referred as “Wellness Yoga” and which helps on mindfulness and building awareness that could heal disease , create a sense of wellbeing and make people happy.                 .

He started teaching Surya Yoga from 2012 onwards, and he initiated many students across the world , on this system of yoga, both online and offline.


From 2010 , he restarted teaching yoga, more regularly on banner of Sri Joydip Ashram, mostly taking reference of Bhagvad Gita’s yoga and its application in Management and Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga sutras.

2008 – 2011

In the period of 2008-2011 , Sri Joydip did complete his course on “Yoga and Psychology” , from Sri Aurobindo Centre of Advance Research ( SACAR) and he then went to publish his first book connecting the Yoga of Bhagvad Gita with Management which was titled “Wisdom Stimulus “. He later visited Management colleges across India, from Motital Rastogi School of Management ( Lucknow) , Management Colleges in Bangalore which are member of MTC Global ( Bangalore), Mahatma Ghandhi College of Management ( Guntur) , Dhrubha School of Management ( Hydrebad) and taught how the Yoga of Bhagvad Gita could be applied to Management.


2004 – 2007

At 2004 – 2007 , Sri Joydip started teaching positive psychology , entrepreneurship and Business planning in Indian Institute of Management , Kolkata and he continued teaching for next 3 years. He also joined International School of Business and Management , as an adjunct faculty and taught positive psychology, assertiveness, change management  and Yoga to the students of Management.  .

1998 – 2003

At 2003 ,after a years of spiritual sadhana and study , and he started teaching Yoga and positive psychology both in Individual and Corporate level. At that time , he taught Yoga in Birla Corporation Limited in Birlapur and also in NSIC apart from teaching regularly to Individual students..

Corporate/Government/NGO Training Experience on Yoga Related Courses for Transformation of Life

  1. American Library and US Consulate ( 2017)
  2. Tollygunj Golfpark Residential Association ( 2017-2018)
  3. DST and International Federation of Yoga Professional ( 2017)
  4. ETA Maelco ( 2010-2011) – Softskills , Leadership Development and Yoga
  5. Birla Corporation Limited (2003)– Birlapur – Workshop related to Yoga and Mindset Development
  6. National Small Industries Commission [ NSIC] [ Kolkata] ( 2003) – Workshop related to Yoga and Mindset Development

Institutional Training Experience on Yoga Related Courses for Transformation of Life


  1. Sri Joydip Ashram Online Yoga Varsity ( 2018)
  2. Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Training and Research Centre, Burdwan ,Kolkata,Tiruvannmalai, Bangalore ( 2012-2018)
  3. Dhruva School of Management, Hydrebad ( 2011)
  4. Mahatma Ghandhi College of Management, Guntur ( 2011)
  5. MTC Global , Bangalore ( 2017)
  6. Motilal Rastogi School of Management , Lucknow (2011)
  7. ISB&M, Kolkata ( 2006-2007)
  8. Indian Institute of Management , Kolkata ( 2004-2007)


Unique Yoga Programs Sri Joydip teaches

  1. Lifewise Program ( General ) – 24 hrs – 12 days [ 2 hrs each day] – The program teaches Surya Yoga , Surya Kriya , Surya Dhyana and Wisdom Points on Wellness.
  2. Creatiyoga Program – 24 hrs – 12 days [ 2 hrs each day] – The program teaches Surya Yoga , Surya Kriya , Surya Dhyana and Wisdom Points on increasing creativit.
  3. Seven Yoga Habits that can Transform your Life – 24 hrs 12 days [ 2 hrs each day]– The program teaches Seven Yoga Habits that can transform the life.
  4. Lifewise Yoga Teachers Training  – 48 days and 500 hrs – Spiritual Retreat Program with Advance Research on Yoga and Advaita Philosophy.

Yoga and Spirituality Related Books Joydip

  1. Seven Yoga Habits that Can Transform your Life ( 2018)
    2. Creatiyoga ( 2018)
    3. Lifewise – Yoga reciepe for Living Wisely ( 2018)
    4. Gyan Yoga Teachers Training ( 2018)
    5. Living Well (2016)
    6.Wisdom Stimulus – Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management (2011)

Yoga and Spirituality Articles Publication

1.The Great Synthesis- A Journey from Ancient to Modern Education , Philosophies , Teaching style and practice (2010)- Management Teachers Consortium Journal .
2.Understanding Sri Aurobindo’s Psycology of Yoga in light of Mandukya Upanishad (2008) – Submitted as a research paper in Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advance Research.
3.Medieval and Early Modern Puranic and Religious biographies of Tiruvannamalai – based on the Puranic Text of Arunachala Mahatmaya a important portion of Skanda Purana.
4.Yoga Sutras for Yoga Lifestyle [ 2014] Unpublished.
5.Yoga for Conflict Resolution – Zen Ward Magazine [ 2015]
6.Essence of Yoga – Speaking Tree Blog [ 2015]
7.Living Well – Speaking Tree Blog [ 2015]
8.How to naturally lose Weight – Speaking Tree Blog [ 2015]
9 . Living in the moment – Workplace Wellness – Speaking Tree Blog [ 2016]
10. Top 10 reasons for learning Surya Yoga – The Complete Herebal Guide Magazine [ 2017]
10.Gyana Yoga: The Secret to Health, Wellness & Happiness – BYR Blog [ 2017]


Spiritual and other Education   Related Degree’s

Online Course on Mindfullness and Peak Performance – Monash University
[ 2015]
Online Course on Food and Nutrition – University of Aberdeen [ 2015]
Creative Writing , British Council [ 2015]
Psycology of Yoga , Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advance Research [ 2007-2008]
Reiki I and II , Reiki Centre Kolkata [ 2003]
Young Professional Program , Indian Institute of Management [ 2003]
Professional Network Computing , National Institute of Information Technology [ 1998]
Bsc [ Bio] Burdwan University [ 1997]

This yoga teacher training will be held in the Indian City of Kolkata

 What’s included

  • Course tuition
  • Surya yoga practice
  • Yogic relaxation and meditation
  • Work Stress Management discussion on Yoga’s solutions
  • Yoga therapy and philosophy discussions
  • Additional activities
  • Personal expenses
  • Pick up and drop off service
  • Special tours
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 70% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.


Workplace Wellness Program

Today as our journey started with workplace wellness program it is important to question certain perceptions that there are specific age brackets that feel stress more than others, or that women go through more stress than men in organizations.

But a recent study indicates that stress occurs irrespective of age or gender.

The research study between Chestnut Global Partners India and SHRM India in 2016, covering a total of 2,157 respondents from 12 organizations, showed that there are high levels of organizational productivity loss which are directly linked to workplace stress and a lack of employee wellness.

SHRM study shows that total organizational productivity loss per year approximately adds up to INR 49.67 Crores, 105.48 Crores and 10.5 Crores across IT/ITES, Finance / Banking and Travel & Hospitality sectors respectively, making the problem a serious contender for organizational investments on holistic health and wellness of employees, particularly with a focus on minimizing stress levels.

Given these results, it’s clear that stress can become a big reason for business decline .

Classes where held on Workspace Wellness and Lifewise Corporate Program in Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Training and Research Centre in Saltlake,at 1st floor of Globsyn building in colloboration with AWFIS.

Recent study of Southampton university , gave an alarming figure that eighty person of our disease, orginate from work place stress. In Indian context also an recent, SHRM study, shows that lack of respect is the major cause(personal stressor) of Workplace stress.

The Beauty of Yoga, is ,it helps us to respect ourselves, and respect people around us, and that can reduce any stress in any work environment.

Every Yoga poses start with Namaskar Asana which is respecting the presence of soul in us, and the soul around us.

Feedback of the Program

Wishing gr8 leadership drives for influencing many life positively, Wishing a beautiful mind for acknowledging beauty of nature, Wishing patients for accepting balance theory of nature. Finally wishing so many things to get blessed by you. ”

An unknown person to me, Ratish Mishra, from Corporate India, send me this beautiful wish message, through LinkedIn, after reading about our work on “Yoga for Workplace Wellness ” drive we are taking with Awfis.

Some of the other feedbacks we have recieved till now on the SRI JOYDIP ASHRAM- AWFIS workplace Wellness Programs

Feedback on Camac Street Program from an participant after the program

“This was a very short program , but it carried the point forward and told what we need to know ,about workplace stress.Thanks for coming , it was very helpful”.

Feedback on Workplace Wellness program in Saltlake Globsyn building by an participant after the program.

“We could connect with what exactly , you are saying, and understand how important it was for us. Thank you very much”.


Seven Yoga Habits that can Transform your Life

Always loved, the smells of new paperbacks.Now that my new book, is out in market,you can grab your copy and smell it too, like you smell good reciepes.This is going to be great Yoga reciepe,for bringing yoga, of the mat, in the life,as Amazon India Launches “Seven Yoga Habit for Transforming your Life”.Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, alongwith two other distributor,is going to deliver, the smell, of my new yoga reciepe for better life, in your doorstep, and you can opt for Cash in Delivery.

Buying Link in Amazon India

Surya Dhyana Meditation

In between an all important IPL match with kolkata Bangalore in Eden gardens ,where organisers expected low turn out for Surya Dhyana meditation workshop in 23rd April 2017.Golf park residential association was surprised to find ,people turning out in numbers ,from all walks of life from Retired IAS officer to IIT professor and diplomats from US consulate to make the meditation workshop a grand success ,and many enjoyed the workshop even standing with all the chairs getting filled up.Good to see that yoga and meditation workshop ,sustaining its popularity even after getting competition from the craze of cricket in kolkata.


Surya Dhyana Meditation 1/4
Surya Dhyana Meditation 3/4
Surya Dhyana Meditation 4/4