Innovation@YogaEducation – The Sri Joydip Ashram Story

Teaching Yoga is a ‘Tapas’. You have to do an intense practise in order to share the practise that others could benefit from it. You have to practise your own practise for a longer period of time, that you can become master of it, and your positive flow of Yogic energy doesn’t get negated by the situation, people and things around you.
When I receive a call asking for a Yoga program, there are people mostly have many priorities, priorities about time, priorities about money. Surprisingly, the last priority seems to be, what they have made the call for – learning yoga.
Because, most of them have a wrong notion, that Yoga is very much the Swiss gymnastics and postural practise, which goes around it, and which has to be repeated everyday in similar way ignoring the holistic nature of yoga. This ‘one size fits all’, kind of yoga, which requires routine drill, large footfall and viewership, are responsible for making yoga education taking a backseat and yoga noise front seat.
‘You have to make a noise’ the common social media principle has also invaded the yoga world in more negative ways, then in positive ways. Events have taken front seat, education is not even allowed backseat, certificate has become necessary, and learning is not even figured in necessities list. The age old popular practise, whose intention is to relieve the suffering of human beings, is now engrossed in terminological wars.
What is important is not, how you name certain things, but how many people you can relieve from suffering, they are going through, both mentally and physically. That’s how our forefathers the ‘Rishis of India’ , conceived yoga , to be a tool of inner technology , which relieves human being, from intense sufferings they are subjected to.
That requires innovation and creativity, and that’s why yoga teaching is a tapas. As every person have different medical condition, physical conditions, emotional temperament and mental stability , the teaching has to be adapted , the learning has to flow according to the receptivity of the learner, the poses have to be adapted according to the personalities of the practitioner and there capabilities .
This is what, we are trying to do in Sri Joydip Ashram, with our limited resources in a humble way. It is not that the innovations of Yoga teaching, in Sri Joydip Ashram, started with this book, or neither it will end with this . Most of what we do in Sri Joydip Ashram , to help people alleviate there suffering, using yoga cannot be put in words , as Yoga is so intuitive, where teachers depends largely on his intuition, and the experience of his practise and teachings, to make the correct adjustments for his students to give him benefits of yoga, and to heal him from his medical and psycho-somatic conditions .
Yet this effort , is directed and aligned to the recent inclusion of yoga in academic circles, that the intuitions of yoga teachers. and his innovation and adjustments, for interest of the well being of the students,  can be also documented and presented in a scientific manner   .
Releasing in 7th January, 2019 , which is again the 10th year of Sri Joydip Ashram coming into existence , the book is an humble effort to present the Sri Joydip Ashram story , and to thank all the volunteers and well wishers , who have helped us to reach us where we are today.

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Out of the many innovation of Sri Joydip Ashram in Yoga Education,
Lifewise course is one of the most innovative yoga course of Sri Joydip Ashram and Lifewise Couples course is another innovative program of Sri Joydip Ashram for emotional well being of Married Couples.
Watch the inspiring story of Mr Srinivasan Pasumarti and Jyoti Pasumarti .
Mr Srinivasan Pasumarti and Jyoti Pasumarti shared their inspiring story ,on how Lifewise couple’s course (whose reference book is Seven Yoga Habits)  has helped them to gain emotional well being, after they did the Lifewise Couple’s course recently.
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