The  Recipe which even unties the Stars 

“Opening the knots,

Which even ties the stars ,

with the new recipe”

The Recipe which even unties the Stars

Ingredients – To keep the soul perfectly meaningful, wet it with meditation and Prayers. Unlike similar product , soul will expand while kept wet , and it will move beyond the boundaries of caste , creed, religion nationality , race.

Soul Preparations – To one measure of Padmasana, add ½ measures of Surya bheda pranayama. Stir until the meditation solution takes the form of silence solution in the mind. While in sleep , the meditation solution can take different forms – Tamasic (lethargic),Rajasic ( restlessness),Sattwic ( Purity and light). Chant Om in the end to make the solutions more balanced .Do not prepare more meditation solution immediately. This can turn you off from the regular activities and day to day responsibilities [ as you can find them boring and find meditation the most interesting thing to do].

Important – The Soul acts like space, in a room, so whatever is prepared after it , it remain common substratum to all of them . The Soul becomes the reality of daily life, after long practise, where one remains connected to that common substratum, even amidst the busiest and nosiest of life situations.

Increase the dosage of the common substratum, which is referred as Soul here , when you find stress , is growing in you, and around you.

Effect – The Soul recipes will caste a glow of contentment and wisdom where every action will become in line with one’s inner purpose and meaning. When applied to meaner personalities, it adds the meaning element to their life, where they found a new sense of purpose and meaning, which will inspire them always. This people who will take Soul recipes , will not only found a new inspiration , meaning and purpose , but they will go filling up people around them, with new sense of meaning, purpose and inspiration.