Gautama Narrates the Glory of Various Tirthas in Arunachala

Goddess Parvati after listening to the various sadhanans given by Arunachala to the Gods, Rishis and the Siddhas started asking about the Tirthas in Arunachala and also how the “linga of fire” which is considered as Arunachala, become cool and easily visible to all beings . And she also asked about the holy waters rising from the sacred hills.


Gautama then narrated that how the hill was a mass of fire in the Krita Yuga, jewels in the Treta Yuga , gold in the Dvarpa Yuga and emerald in the kali Yuga. In the Krita Yuga when the mass of fire expanded into several yojanas , the Maharishis use to surround it. Then after there was a mass prayer of the Devas and Arunachala gradually become cool and moving form the form of Rudraagini it took the gentle form of Dakshinamurty.