Global Compact


In Septembor, 2013 , Sri Joydip Ashram Trust become the NGO participant on UN Global Compact with a special Focus on Principle 1 of Human rights and focused on Vision 2030 where our innovative content and training on Yoga, would be used as an tool towards Sustainable Development Goal 3 of “Health and Well-being” .

We also took up Sustainable Development Goal 17 to build partnership to make World more Health Re-silent. For that reason, our innovative teaching and contents on yoga, were distributed across the world . We have been able to reach out to nine countries which includes – Israel, Greece , Sweden, Estonia , US, UK , France , Romania where we have our teachers trained, in our innovative training and content on Yoga, and inspired them to take classes to aspire towards Sustainable Development Goal 3.

With the Global Pandemic hitting the world , we envisioned to give a more holistic response towards SDG 3 and created knowledge bases, which could be helpful. We also attended in United Nations Global Compact Webinar, on Reporting mechanism at 13th May , 2020 and UN Global Compact Leadership Summit in 15th and 16th June , 2020 and started building more partnership following SDG 17, to build an ecosystem to achieve the SDG3 goals of public health, in this challenging times of global pandemic.