Invocation of Lord Arunachala


The intellectual mind, is inadequate to have a complete understanding of reality, in the form of pure consciousness. Then how is it possible for an ignorant people like me, to sing the Glory of all pervading reality, which has taken the form of Universal Guru, to liberate the souls in distress throughout history . However, I also feel that my intent to describe these all pervading reality, which, I have experience in my walk of my life cannot be wrong.

So here I am, with my own series of my garlands, in the form of words, poetry and love towards my Guru and the Guru of the Universe.

Even the srutis cannot describe the all pervading reality  . The pur consciousness which is the substratum of these visible universe. It has been putting effort, on just plotting words like “Not this “ and “Not that”. The pure conciousness which is the substratum of the whole universe, from where everything arises and subsides , how can be described by words , and how also it can be visualised by pictures. Yet how one can remain forgetting the very essence of our being, and which is base of our everyday life . Our waking, dreaming and sleeping deeply, is just waves in the streams of that reality which we have failed to realised due to our excessive engagement to the body and the thoughts which generate from it . I don’t know how I can make justice on speaking about you, with my limitation of words and also limitation of my thoughts , which though always I try to move towards you , slips down towards the body consciousness. But I feel these act of speaking and these acting of writing itself, will make me pure , and make me fit to experience you more deeply in my consciousness, that I can elevate my self from the thoughts and hold you in my thoughts .

If the most powerful intellects and most powerful wise among us fail to realise the great being you are, pervading the whole universe and a direct form of reality, how can I be able to even say, that I have understood you . Yet when these great intellects and wisest among us has always bowed down to you, with faith and devotion and praised and loved you , you have appeared before them and showed them you real essence .  Had it been, in any age , that anything have been impossible to attain faith and devotion ? .