Living Seven Yoga Habits

Thanks to Sri Joydip Ashram Family for cherishing the ideal of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and putting efforts for making the whole world as one family the highest ideal of Yoga.Today Sri Joydip Ashram Yoga Education programs, are attended by cross section of people, across this one world family starting from United States,France,Denmark,Romania,Argentina, Ukraine,Sweden and Israel.We are thankful to United Nation Global Compact, for giving Sri Joydip Ashram the status of Global NGO. And also thankful to the latest member of our Global Family Dr Sutapa Ghosh, one of the most eminent psycologist from Washinghton DC, USA, who have remained the director, of one of the largest healthcare support organisation of USA, having a nation wide presence.She herself have consulted many patients, of different nature of psycological disorders, and is a survivor from Breast Cancer.In this video she shares her experience, of Sri JoydipAshram’s yoga teachings, and also her insights on yoga and psycology.

Here is the short film “Living Yoga Habits” presented by Yes Foundation and Sri Joydip Ashram, supported by Yes Bank based on the teachings of the Book “Seven Yoga Habits that can transform your LIFE” now available on Amazon and Kindle.