Gautama Narrates the Glory of Arunachala


After hearing the words of Maharishi , Parvati praised him and said graciously, that it is because of the Glory of Gautama  , the Siva who is the god of devas, asked Parvati to meet Gautama Maharishi. She also remarked that Gautama, alone has reached the other sore of Agamas and Vedanta, and so he is fit to instruct Parvati. Because of austerities of Gautama, he is very dear to Shiva. My lord that he abides here as Arunachala, had directed me to learn its glory from you. I have therefore come to practise austerities in the presence of Arunachala. He also mentioned that by merely seeking you, one will obtain the grace of the lord. The object of taking birth is companionship with the devotees of Shiva, listening his praise and worshipping in all his form.

The secret meaning of the remarks of Gauri, indicates that Love or bhakti is the essence of the Universe as by devotion one attains the master of devas and Universe which is Shiva. However , these love is different from the ordinary romantic love. In ordinary romantic love , though there can be traces of love , you normally fall in love and not rise in love . Romance is said to be one of the earliest forms of competition, where each lovers try to bond the other, by creating different forms of drama to delusions that would control his or hers emotions . True love makes you free , and doesn’t bonds you . There is no strain of desire , possession, carving in it . It doesn’t depends on external environment and what you get out of it. Pure love is the essence of our being and it is hard to develop . Though there are many times pure bhakti, can grow with the association of   bhaktas of Shiva , worshipping your object of bhakti, which is Shiva and praising the lord . However , the real bhakti arrives when the outer rituals of love would be lead, to the presence of love in your heart.

On hearing the words of Gauri , Gautama meditated for sometime in Arunachala, and started speaking about the Glory of Arunachala to Gauri.

He remarked that Gauri herself is the maya of Shiva and so what extra have he got to tell about Shiva in the form of Arunchala. On a second thought he also told , may be you want to re-hear it from the lips of the devotee of Shiva, as that creates a lot of auspiciousness.

He also told that the Glory of Arunachala which he is going to talk now should be heard by faith and devotion and by rapt attention for generations to come. Even million tongues cannot delineate fully how , the formless supreme Brahma , out of his compassion have taken the form of Arunachala.

There is a significance and inner meaning of making a very lofty introduction of Arunachala. Arunachala is the universal self which is connected to our own self. The route by which one can get to Arunachala is inner and not outer. Normally, it is seen that we have general incompetency to comprehend which is subtle, and which is the cause of the gross world we have seen around us . At the same time , it is easy to glorify something which is very gross and tangible , but it hard to describe something which is subtle and glorify it . However the cause of the gross world , is the subtle world, and if we don’t glorify the subtle world , we are not helping the human intellect to awaken and comprehend the world beyond the visible world  and find out the true meaning and cause of there life.

(To be Continued ..)