Glory of Arunachala : Circumambulating Arunachala


I observed, a small gate in the corner, surrounded by weeds and wild plants . Quickly paying the price of the tea, I went little closer to examine the gate, which is close to the tea shop . There was a small lane, can be only used by one person ,partly visible from the gate .In the path of circumambulating Arunachala , I had explored many unknown places like this . Though some of them, had adequate reference, in different literature around Arunachala . But some were quite new.   Even though in Arunachala Mahatmaya ,

Arunachala gives specific instruction to Gautama, that how circumambulating should be done , slowly and gently, with a complete devotion to Lord Shiva with prescribed methodology. Often I found myself ,while circumbulating Arunachalam my  keen interest diversifies toward the culture , the people , there economy and lifestyle. It is these inquisitiveness to learn new things and new ways of living ,that make me explore different sites , temples around the parikrama path.   I opened the Gate. Though there is a lot bushes here and there , still I found that there is also an lane for one person to get in.So, I started walking, and after sometime , I had to also take an stick , to drive away snakes or other wild animal , as the bushes are becoming more dense and I was suspecting , that I am entering inside a forest.

After covering some more distance, when the bushes started to be more denser, with big prickles here and there ,  I thought of coming back , as the clothes I am wearing are too light for handling such intensely sharp prickles. But when I am about to return suddenly, I heard two things . One is a very high pitched sound of peackok, calling her mate and also the ringing of bells.   I was curious , and I decided to go little further to find the origin of the sound. After going some distance , finally I could find a staircase moving towards a temple , with a peacock in the top , making gentle walk. Such is the experience of circumambulating

Arunachala , you can find so many temples in so many places both inside and outside.

Arunachala himself instructed to Maharishi Gautama on the merit of circumambulating Arunachala.   “Lord of Sonachala becomes pleased  when devotees circumambulate me. While I abide gloriously on earth as Arunachala all the devatas and munis circumambulate Me.”


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