Gautama Narrates the Glory of Arunachala


Gautama continued his instruction to Parvati on Glory of Arunachala and mentioned that worshipping Arunachala , which is the effulgent form of Shiva, one washes away his sins which is created out of prabadha karma [ past karmas] and also fulfils there desire  .

The inner meaning of it is – our past karmas are responsible for our present life. Because every work we do , which is not a Guruseva or a Karma Yoga , creates mental impression . These mental impressions build mental conditioning, which creates the patterns of thoughts and feelings inside our mind. These thoughts and feelings are responsible for the life we live in earth, as it attracts the similar substance and experience which reflect the same patterns of thought and feelings. So we get caught up in the viscous circle of karma when we don’t do Guruseva or Karma yoga , as all other karmas create mental conditioning which are referred as sin.

However prostrating Arunachala which is most effulgent form of Shiva , or doing pradikshna around Arunachala purifies one from those sins or mental conditioning . As these is a supreme yoga where both Karma Yoga and Guruseva is done . In case of Guruseva or karma Yoga, the mental impression is not created as one works surrendering to the divine or the Guru, without any expectation. These helps the hands to be busy, while the heart and mind remains connected with the divine and the Guru. Therefore mind remains empty, and there cannot be any impression created which can create mental conditioning, bounding a person to sin , and taking him to life of bondage and not freedom.  When mind remains empty then whatever thought or desire arises, it creates minimum friction, and so it gets fulfilled almost spontaneously.

Thereafter  Gautama gives an description on how different gods have come to Arunachala and perform austerities, purify their sins , and attained liberation and also fulfilled their desires.

The first in the list comes Brahma . Though Arunachala was also worshipped by Visnu , Soma , Surya , Agni , Indra and other devas, dikpalaks , siddhas , charanas , vidhyadharas, gandharvas , nagas, serpents , divine sages , siddha yogis and others , in order to get rid of there sins and fulfil there desires and attain liberation.