Gautama Narrates his own Sadhana in Arunachala –III: Experiencing Shivam – the being consciousness .

In these series on “Glory of Arunachala” , we have discussed about many gods, and how they have done there sadhana in the last 25 writings in Arunachala and liberated themselves from the sins, they have performed knowingly and unknowingly and the get rid from them the curse they have recieved. Apart from the Trinity of Brahma , Vishnu and Maheswara we have also discussed about different forms of God , who are natural principles like Surya , Agni , Vayu . Many people often experiences vision where some of these God arrives and then they moves away . Maharishi did an intense sadhana, that’s why on the form of Arunachala, and he experienced the Shivam, which is the being consciousness and from where these Gods emerges . These Shivam or being consciousness , doesn’t have any form as such , but it is the substratum of all the forms which emerge from it . That’s shivam is considered as eternally abiding being consciousness.

So , when one gets liberated from the limited identification of even a principle which has taken an microcosmic and macrocosmic form then it reaches into the “Shivam” – the eternally abiding being consciousness. It is similar to what we experience in deep sleep everyday where no perception, at all exist. This when we can bring our identification in more deeper realities from our surface personality to our being consciousness. When we ask ourselves and reflect more deeply on things we get identified too – name , family , job, body , emotions , mind and continuously try to search, about our real identity then these temporary identity like “I am so and so “ or “I am a body” , “I am emotions “ , “ I am thoughts” is slowly transcended by asking “ Who am I”  which can be further extended to “Am I a body” or “Am I the thought ?” or “Am I the feelings ?”. And when we go more deeper and try to find out that from where these thoughts and emotions arises , then we reach a root, where the thoughts and emotions are in the verge of getting manifested and where there is only “One” which exist without no differentiation and there is these substratum which stands as a witness with a single experience of “I exist”.