Sri Joydip Ashram Main Building


Founded in 2009, the Sri Joydip Ashram has grown to be one of Well known Charitable
and Educational Trust in Burdwan.The Ashram,  is the place to practice different aspects of Surya Yoga and Spiritual teachings of Sri Joydip. It regularly conducts programs on Surya Yoga, Spiritual Courses on Wellness , and different aspects of life – Personal Leadership , Parenting , Relationships, Healing alongwith  Surya Yoga Therapy Courses for Beginner to intermediate to Advance level.

Situated in a busy town of Burdwan over 100,000 people, the Ashram is not a quiet place of retreat, but a vibrant centre of life in a modern urban setting. The dynamic character of the community of Sri Joydip Ashram reflects the dynamic aspect of ashram where all kinds of experiments are conducted on how spiritual wisdom can be applied on different aspects of Life. Work as an offering to the Divine is an essential aspect of the Surya Yoga, and all Ashramites do a certain amount of productive work each day in one or another of the Ashram’s departments.

The Ashram is small in size and located in the eastern part of Burdwan.  The Ashram is administered by the Sri Joydip Ashram Trust. It has a Reception and Travel desk, taking care of Visitors and Anyadana or Kitchen department taking care of the food , a Training Department and a Training Hall taking care of all the Training Requirement and a Meditation hall in the Top floor for practicing meditation and different aspects of Yoga.

Incase you want to visit the ashram , or stay please send an mail to sscexams.srijoydipashram@gmail(dot)com mentioning your date of stay , your
time of arrival and how long you plan to stay before 3 months of your arrival.

At this point of time , we only give accommodation to people who want to attend Sri Joydip Ashram’s education programs like

Life wise teachers Training , Creatiyoga program , Gyan Yoga Teachers Training ,  Wellness Program , Wisdom Program , Wisdom Parenting , Wisdom Course Family Pack , Bhakti Sutra , Bhakti Yoga , Wisdom Stimulus and retreats – Navaratri Retreat , Shivratri Retreat , Guru Poornima Retreat , Janmasthami Retreat.

Sri Joydip Ashram Main Building
93 Itbhata Road,
Burdwan – 713103
Phone -8918652609, 09007295256
mail – sscexams.srijoydipashram@gmail(dot)com