Gautama Narrates the Glory of Visnutirtha in Arunachala

From ancient times  “Tirthas” considered as sacred places which helps one to get support , when ones sadhana gets wrong . It is considered as scared reservoir of energy for solving some of the problems of both material and spiritual  development . The Great Lord , Vishnu who is considered as master of the world and who brings stability in our life by giving us “Yogakshema” has a scared tank name as Vishnutirtha in South East of Arunachala according to Arunachala Mahatmaya. There was one such temple , I have visited in my Parikrama around Arunachala, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna , one avatar of Vishnu , who played a Key role in Vyasa’s immortal epic – Mahabharata. Later Krishna also delivered the Key understanding the philosophy of Mahabharata in Bhisma parba in form of Bhagvad Gita which becomes one of the centre piece of  Indian Philosophy integrating the six different schools of Indian philosophy in the most pragmatic way in 18 chapters and 700 verses. It is also said , the places where Bhagvad Gita is chanted regularly becomes a Vishnu Tirtha. Such is the Glory of Bhagvad Gita , which is considered as Song of God.


Brahmarishis always dwell joyfully at the Vaishnavateertha (sacred tank of Vishnu) on the southeast. Vishnu goes there in the month of Chitra, and after bathing in it, meditates upon the Lord of Arunadri. It is by doing so that he became the Lord of all the worlds.