New Book “Seven Yoga habits that can transform your life”by Sri Joydip on building Yoga habits for relieving stress and unlocking creative potential for enlightened living released in Amazon and Kindle

The Central message of Book is based on “the timeless principles of yoga” , in forming Yoga habits for unlocking the creative potential solving the daily problems of people , for coping with work and life stress, and living a balanced life.

/PressRelease/ — Newly released book “Seven Yoga habits that could transform your life” is written by Sri Joydip,an International Yoga Teacher.

Published by Sri Joydip Ashram in collaboration with Createspace LLC , an Amazon company ,the book is already available in both Amazon and Kindle.

Answering to the media on “Why this book ?”, Sri Joydip, the author, said that the book, is a breakthrough work, on presenting “the timeless principles of yoga” , in forming Yoga habits to the daily problems of people , for coping with work and life stress, and living a balanced life.. It takes a sin-habit approach, to explain the timeless principles of Yoga , moving away from the traditional esoteric approach based on sutra and strotra, to explain the same timeless principles. The book shows, how to practise “Yoga for enlightened living” , what is the connection between practising yoga in mat and bringing it to life . It also shows ways on how to manage stress by inner resources and unlock the creative potential dormant on every human being, to transform their lives.

Answering to question “Why now ?” he said , that there cannot be a better time for this book , then now, as the stress level of people, has exponentially, increased due to pressure from different fronts of life, from work , relationships , family , and life in general.

He added that many times the psychological and ethical dimension of yoga is ignored, and it is converted into just physical form of exercise. This limits the capacity of Yoga , to give a holistic solution, towards health and well being of masses, and make a world a better place to live in. That’s why this book, takes a multidisciplinary approach towards Yoga , combining the psychological and the neuroscience perspectives. It also gives practical guidance, on how we can bring yoga habits, in our life , to transform our life . As habits rule our ordinary life , this book is considered to be an important and “life transforming book” as per reviews received, by readers, in Amazon India and Goodreads.
The Book has fourteen chapters , and the paperback version released in 28th January ,2017.
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